Nancy's Record

Protecting the Vulnerable and Fighting Government Overreach

Serving Citizens

Preserving First Amendment Rights...

HB 2158 Predatory Homeowner Associations (HOAs) have restricted a homeowner’s ability to display specific political signs, peacefully assemble, or even communicate with other residents about HOA board elections. HB 2158 prevents this from happening again and upholds Arizonans’ free speech rights.

Protecting Homeowners...

HB 2275 Condo owners shouldn’t be forced to sell. HB 2275 protects condo owners’ rights and prevents condominiums from terminating agreements unless 95% of the condo unit owners

HB 1168 Nobody buys a home expecting their neighbors to set up a party house. HB 1168 cracks downs on disruptive short-term rentals which have changed the culture of many neighborhoods throughout the state overnight.

HB 2130 Fixing unfair property taxes. Homeowners with large lots were being taxed 60% more than the residential rate under a “vacant” land rate that was applied to property over one acre, even though it was all zoned for residential use. My bill, HB 2130, fixed that and ensures homeowners are no longer taxed off their land by this unfair tax policy.

Low Taxes, Strong Economy...

SB1827, SB1828, SB1783 In response to the economic challenges, record inflation, and rising costs Arizonans are facing, I was proud to vote for (and pass!) historic tax relief for Arizona families and businesses. You should be able to keep more of your hard earned money, which will in turn help keep our economy strong!

Protecting Our Elections by...

HB 2569 Ending ZuckerBucks. During the 2020 elections, we learned how outside private monies could be used to influence how elections are conducted. Now we’re onto them! HB 2569 prevents private donors from influencing how the government conducts elections and providing biased election services.


HCR 2023 Federalizing elections. Expresses opposition to federal attempts to control the state’s elections and rallies legislators to oppose the federal government usurping our constitutional responsibility to conduct elections.


HB 2492 Proof of Citizenship to vote. Our voter registration laws are not up to the task of ensuring solely legitimate votes to be cast in Arizona elections. This bill will require proof of citizenship to vote, provides concrete rules for county recorders and election officials concerning citizenship requirements, and mandates that election officials notify a voter whose registration is invalid within 10 days so the voter may correct their registration.


HB 2839 Clarifying petition signatures. This bill rectified the partisan obstruction regarding petition signature gathering during the 2020 Arizona redistricting process. Initially, candidates were required to gather and file signatures even while districts were changing without clear guidance. This bill cleared up the confusion by setting concrete rules for how, where, and how many signatures were to be collected by congressional and legislative candidates.


SCR 1012 Accountable Mail-in voting. The Arizonans for Voter ID Act will give Arizonans the opportunity to approve an amendment to require voter identification before early and in-person voting, and a voter identification number in an affidavit for mail-in voting.


SB 1638 Accessible voting for all. This bill requires Arizona to offer an accessible vote by U.S. mail option for people who are blind or have a visual impairment.

Promoting Affordable, Quality Health Care and Patient Freedom by...

SB 1346 Who wants to know? Unless it’s for political purposes, the state doesn’t have a genuine case for canvassing your vaccination status. SB 1346 prohibits Arizona from sending its employees door-to-door to record a person’s COVID 19 vaccination status.


SB 1469 Protecting due process. Without just cause – and a warrant - government can have a field day ‘fishing’ for private medical information in Arizona’s Prescription Drug Monitoring Database. SB 1469 protects our privacy and brings Arizona in-line with 18 other states who have banned warrantless searches.


SB 1114 Mental health privacy. Confidentiality should be guaranteed when you or a loved one requires court-ordered critical mental health care. SB 1114 protects confidentiality of compelled mental health care and clears up concurrent jurisdiction.

SB 1494 Unemployment Insurance included! Public aid for our citizens shouldn’t be denied because of someone’s vaccination status. SB 1494 instructs the Arizona Department of Economic Security to distribute unemployment insurance benefits regardless of if someone was removed from their work because they refused to take the COVID-19 vaccine.


SB 1567 Employers must offer religious exemptions. And they should follow the broad federal definition upheld by our courts. SB 1567 enshrines religious exemptions for the COVID-19 vaccine and prohibits employers from discriminating against employees who decline the vaccine on these grounds.

SB 1163 Right to Try 2.0. Terminally ill patients should not be denied individualized treatments specifically tailored for them due to government regulation. SB 1163, the “Right to Try 2.0” bill, gives patients the means to undergo investigational treatments when they have life-threatening or severely debilitating illness.


SB 1162 Focus on Chronic Pain Patients. Arizonans that push through life with intractable chronic pain are strong and courageous examples of determination. SB 1162 empowers medical professionals and supports those with intractable chronic pain who struggle to obtain adequate treatment for their condition because of new government regulations.

SB 1230 Paying Direct Care Workers. Republicans fought to pay those caring for our most vulnerable in accordance with increases due to inflation and surpassing wages paid at a fast-food joint! Our loved ones deserve well-trained and compensated professionals. SB 1230 moves Arizona’s DD frontline staff forward substantially!


SB 1392 Cutting Red Tape. SB 1392 gives the courts clear direction and discretion when ordering a patient into critical mental health care. When a patient needs to be admitted into the Arizona State Hospital, government bureaucracy and red tape puts everyone’s health and well-being at risk.


SB 1374 If/when health care is rationed. This bill updates Arizona’s Crisis Standards of Care Plan which only takes effect when health care resources are scarce – such as during a public health emergency. SB1374 ensures those with disabilities and the elderly are not discriminated against under the Plan.


SB 1250 Stemming Drug Use. SB 1250 reduces drug overdoses and diseases spread by drug use by permitting local and non-governmental organizations to employ drug-use prevention programs that educate the public on bloodborne diseases and needle-stick injuries, encourage drug-users to seek treatment, and educate on how to properly dispose of syringes.

SB 1393 Informed consent matters. You have the right to accept or refuse treatments medical professionals recommend for you. SB 1393 defends your ability to give informed consent about your medical care.


SB 1514 Hospital Visitation. Patients should never be denied visitation from their loved ones. When we’re in the hospital, we need our best advocates and supporters. SB 1514 forbids excessive restrictions to visitation in Arizona hospitals.

SB 1416 Medical Speech and Practice Protections. Health boards shouldn’t be able to punish licensed health care providers for appropriately treating their patients with lawful off-label medications, especially during a public health emergency like the COVID-19 pandemic. This bill is a win for patients’ and physicians’ rights!


SB 1353 Compounding Pharmacies are crucial. Chronically and terminally ill patients deserve access to life-saving medications. But specialized compound pharmacies providing them are targets for extinction. This bill allows continued use of specialized, custom medications as long as they are created with FDA-approved ingredients.


SB 1271 Let them practice! Arizona is facing a severe shortage of physicians while qualified medical school graduates were sidelined by a shortage of residencies. This bill will pair medical school graduates unable to secure limited residency openings with licensed physicians by allowing Arizona medical boards to grant transitional training permits.


SB 1219 Waste Not, Want Not. Our Prescription Medication Donation Program was obsolete and literally unusable, so I wrote this bill to establish new guidelines that makes use of medications that would be discarded otherwise while ensuring the safety of patients.

SB 1356 Insurance middlemen COST us. An important pharmaceutical reform that stops Insurance/Health Plan middlemen (PBMs) from lining their own pockets by levying unfair fees targeting independent pharmacies within their networks.


SB 1270 Step Therapy Reform – Insurance bureaucracy should not play doctor.  SB 1270 ensures step therapy protocols, used to manage costs, first ‘do no harm,’ and that they act within timeframes to avoid potential harm for patients waiting ad nauseum for endless approvals and more information. This bill establishes criteria for clinical review and exemptions that insurance companies must observe and stops the potential harm that wrongful step therapy processes can cause.


HB 2045 Know the Price. Price transparency is critical in health care. If you’ve ever reviewed your hospital bill and been aghast at the cost, you may wonder if paying cash might have been less expensive. Patients should be able to compare and shop prices across providers. After several efforts, we were able to pass an amendment to HB 2045 requiring health providers and hospitals to make the ‘direct pay’ or cash prices available to patients for their most common services – and received national attention in the process as the first in the nation, encouraging other states to follow!

Holding Government Accountable...

SB 1444 The Arizona State Hospital lacks independent oversight – and patients and workers are blowing the whistle. SB 1444 prohibits the state hospital from retaliating against a patient when a family member participates in the Arizona State Hospital Independent Oversight Committee and implements clinical and human resource reforms.


SB 1651 How is the $3 billion spent? SB 1651 requires AHCCCS to report how taxpayer money is being spent relating to individuals with a serious mental illness, revealing what has been hidden to the public since 2015. The public deserves to know, especially since Arizona’s Behavioral Health system spends over $3 billion a year!


SB 1308 Ending abuse starts with ending conflicts of interest. Arizona needs to end government conflicts of interest that protect abusers of vulnerable disabled in group homes. Unexpectedly vetoed, SB 1308 would have prevented the same agency responsible for the operation and oversight of group homes that serve developmentally disabled individuals from licensing them.


SB 1469 Protecting due process. Without just cause – and a warrant - government can have a field day ‘fishing’ for private medical information in Arizona’s Prescription Drug Monitoring Database. SB 1469 protects our privacy and brings Arizona in-line with 18 other states who have banned warrantless searches.


SB 1114 Mental health privacy. Confidentiality should be guaranteed when you or a loved one requires court-ordered critical mental health care. SB 1114 protects confidentiality of compelled mental health care and clears up concurrent jurisdiction.

Protecting Arizonans by...

HB 2862 Schools requesting School Resource Officers outpaced last year’s funding. So, in the 2023 budget we provided $50 million in additional grants to districts and charters for up to 500 new school resource officers to increase safety and prevent acts of violence on campus.

HB2119  A parent shouldn’t have to find out from another parent that their child was threatened with a gun in school! I worked with a parent in that exact situation to make sure public district and charter schools have consistent policies and procedures for reporting suspected crimes and threatening conduct and notifying the parents of students involved.

SB 1727 This bill creates an Anti-Human Trafficking Grant Fund and directs the Department of Emergency and Military Affairs to use the fund to creatively reduce human trafficking in this state.

HB 2317 When Washington fails to do its job, states must act. HB 2317 provides $20 million in new funding for full-time officers at the southern border and $355 million for a physical border wall.


HB 2591 More manpower on the border. HB 2591instructs the Department of Emergency and Military Affairs to use $250,000 for additional officers.

SB 1310 Dangerous Non-restorable Individuals. Unbelievably, dangerous individuals who have committed serious crimes but are deemed “non-restorable” and “incompetent to stand trial” are released back into the public – until they strike again. SB 1310 enables the court to protect the public and commit them to a secure residential facility and the 2023 budget funds $25 million to build them.


SB 1729 Treatment – not jail! It is inhumane to continue to fund the endless cycle of homelessness, jail, and hospitalization for chronically mentally ill individuals. This year we expanded more secure facilities – see above (SB1310).

HB 2548 Lasers can maim. Establishes laser possession at a riot or unlawful assembly as a class 1 misdemeanor.


HB 2553 Protects officers’ ability to use reasonable force.


HB 2521 Protects our community constables’ right to carry firearms.

SB 1067 Arizona’s prison transition program works! It reduces recidivism and helps released felons reintegrate into the community safely. SB 1067 enabled this program to triple the numbers helped since its passage - so less return to jail and we can start closing prisons!

SB 1786 Where are Arizona’s mentally ill? More than a third of Arizona’s inmates suffer from a serious mental health condition and flounder when released from prison, recidivate and return to prison for even longer.  SB 1786 focuses on these releases to stem this destructive cycle.

HB 2551 People shouldn’t be left as sitting ducks. Allows a person who has a permit to carry a concealed weapon (CCW permit) to arm themselves in public buildings or attending public events.


HB 2828 Allows firearm companies that face discrimination by the government or financial institutions to take civil action.


SB 1328 In Arizona, we won’t be forced to trample citizens’ Second Amendment rights! This bill declares that when federal actions violate the U.S. or Arizona Constitutions' right to bear arms, they are unenforceable in Arizona.


HCR 2033 Declares the Legislature's commitment to the right to keep and bear arms as outlined in the Constitution of the United States and the Constitution of Arizona.

Serving Families

Fighting for Educational Excellence for...

SB 1327 Fixing Special Ed testing. Builds on the work of SB 1028 by incorporating parents and special education teachers into the work of developing assessment protocols to better serve students with special needs.


SB 1028 Special Education Testing 1.0. The bill enabled a task force to meet last Fall to put a laser focus on the problems special ed students, teachers – and their families – encounter because of arbitrary federal limits under which eligible students can actually take a more appropriate alternative assessment. The committee came up with practical recommendations that should help everyone going forward.

Leading on Education Options for...

HB 2853 Funding students – not systems. Arizona is going to lead the nation in empowering parents and protecting our school choice options. HB 2853 extends Empowerment Scholarship accounts to all Arizonans so that every parent can find a school that fits their child’s needs.

Standing for Parents' Rights...

SB 1211 Politics have no place in the classroom. SB 1211 requires schools to communicate curriculum materials and activities with parents in a timely fashion on an easy, online portal.

HB 2439 What’s in your child’s school library? Before this bill, parents could not access what was in their child’s school library. HB 2439 makes available the library collection at schools so parents can review what their child can access and has borrowed.

SB 1058 Shine the Light! Radical progressive curriculum, like Critical Race Theory, is invading our classrooms and parents have been rendered powerless to stop it. That’s why I ran this bill to require public and charter schools to publish curriculum in advance for parental review to ensure transparency.

HB 2035 Warning to parents…Sexuality content included.  This bill would require school boards to notify parents in advance before teaching about sexuality and gender. It also completely bans sex education in public schools for students in 6th grade or younger.

HB 2498 Decide for yourself – and your child. Schools and government agencies cannot mandate the COVID-19 vaccine or booster shot under HB 2498.


HB 2086 Ending COVID-19 mandates in schools. Immunizations for COVID-19 shouldn’t stand between students and school. HB 2086 forbids schools from requiring the COVID-19 vaccine for school attendance.


HB 2161 Keeping personal family information personal. It’s no business of district schools to ask students about the personal details of their parents’ lives. HB 2161 allows parents to review surveys the school district wants to give students and their child’s medical records.

Protecting Children from...

SB 1138 Stopping experimental sexual surgeries on minors. Our best science says that sex-change surgeries do not solve struggles with gender identity. SB 1138 protects Arizona’s youth by banning irreversible mutilation of minors’ genitalia.

HB 2495 No wonder they can’t read! When pornographic and sexually explicit materials were discovered in Arizona’s district schools, parents had little recourse to compel these schools to remove them. HB 2495 removes clearly dangerous pornographic and sexually inappropriate materials from schools.

HB 2616 To mask or not to mask – parents decide. HB 2616 forbids district schools and government agencies from mandating masks without parental consent.

Serving Women

Serving Women by...

SB 1251 Women are harmed by abortion. They need support and pro-life alternatives. That’s why I ran a bill that promotes healthy family formation and funds abortion alternatives that provide support for women and their families who are facing unexpected pregnancies.


SB 1017 When pelvic exams are abusive. Women should NEVER be subject to an invasive pelvic exam, especially while unconscious, without previous, informed written consent. Now law, this bill establishes that it’s unprofessional conduct for a physician, nurse, or assistant to perform or supervise unwanted pelvic exams.


SB 1237 When doctors commit fertility fraud (like one AZ doctor who was using his own sperm to impregnate patients without their consent), women deserve recourse. This bill permits individuals to file a civil action against a licensed health care provider for fertility fraud.

SB 1165 Leveling the playing field. When we ignore biological reality, women get hurt. Women deserve to compete on a level playing field with their peers. The Save Women’s Sports Act ensures girls and women have the fair and level playing field guaranteed by Title IX.

Serving the Vulnerable

Serving the Vulnerable by...

SB 1457 Protecting Downs babies. Every child, born or preborn, deserves a chance at life, especially those with genetic abnormalities such as Down Syndrome and cleft palate. Under this law, abortions abased on non-threatening genetic abnormalities would be prohibited. The bill also accomplishes other key reforms, including ending chemical abortions by mail and giving women the opportunity to choose burial for the fetal remains after an abortion.


SB 1164 Ending late term abortions. Reasonable limits on abortions protect the woman and preborn child alike. I was proud to sponsor SB 1164, which was signed into law this session and limits abortions after 15 weeks while preserving Arizona’s previous limits on abortion. Abortions after 15 weeks increasingly endanger the health of women. Read about the characteristics of a child at 15 weeks here.


SB 1254 Abortion Alternatives. As a pro-life legislator, one of my priorities has always been to promote abortion alternatives and support, not blame, women in need. This bill provides the public with information about pregnancy and childbirth services, local adoption agencies, and where to find free ultrasounds. Advertisement of abortion services or entities that refer for them is not permitted.

SB 1399 The need is great! Arizona’s foster children need loving homes, but there are too few to meet the need. SB 1399 prevents the government from discriminating against a potential foster or adoptive parent based on their religious beliefs. Adoption and foster care agencies with religious affiliations should be able to continue connecting children to loving families.


SB 1019 Finding the missing children. SB 1019 gives a child that goes missing a fighting chance to be found – not absconded by human traffickers.  It requires the Department of Child Safety (DCS) to keep an updated picture ID and do common sense reporting to the appropriate law enforcement databases.


SB 1391 A forever home faster. Children in foster care achieve forever homes more quickly in states where they have legal representation.  It’s a best practice Arizona kids now have.


SB 1018 Children with Complex Trauma. This important reform requires the Department of Child Safety and the Health Care Cost Containment System to find appropriate treatments for adopted foster children with complex trauma needs so families are not faced with the dilemma of having to return the child to the system in order to obtain it.


SB 1388 Removing barriers to respite care. This law removes regulations that inappropriately swept in respite care providers – and restores important respite services for children and families.

SB 1542 Video cameras in group homes. Protecting vulnerable individuals with severe disabilities from abuse continues to be a challenge. With SB 1542, the family can now decide to use this oversight tool to better protect their loved one.


SB 1210 Transportation options - it doesn’t necessarily take a cop! Police officers don’t need to be Arizona’s only means for transporting individuals with a safe, yet serious mental illness. SB 1210 extends new, humane, and less traumatizing transportation options to persons with serious mental illnesses.


SB 1716 How do we best meet the need? SB 1716 established the Psychiatric Hospital Review Council, charged with determining the bed capacity needs of the state and improving the mental health Continuum of Care for those with mental illnesses receiving state care.


SB 1030 Deep-sixing the PSRB. This bill outlines the way the Psychiatric Security Review Board is to carry out its critically important duties for individuals adjudicated Guilty Except Insane (GEI) to be safely released back into the community until the board is eliminated in 2023 and its duties transferred to the courts.


SB 1059 Stopping the release of psychotic individuals to the streets. This law clarifies who qualifies for court-ordered evaluations and treatment at the urgent psychiatric centers so individuals needing care are not kicked out.


SB 1142 A meaningful life includes work. Our seriously mentally ill and those with special needs deserve the same opportunities to participate in society. This bill sought to provide tax credits to employers who hire these individuals.

SB 1732 (NOW HB 2865) Independent investigations – let’s start there! Independent investigations are key to enhancing oversight of and accountability for the care provided to vulnerable Arizonans. HB 2865 establishes an independent, in-person monitor who oversees group homes where individuals with complex needs reside and investigates quality-of-care complaints concerning any Department of Economic Security-funded group home.


SB 1373 I’ve fallen – call the fire department! One thing that the COVID-19 pandemic taught us is that our elderly deserve better care and are all-too-often neglected. This bill targets assisted living/skilled nursing homes’ “no touch” policies, where staff automatically calls 911 first responders rather than attending to the need immediately when it is appropriate (e.g., when a patient has a fall or is in distress).  Addressing the need on the spot will save lives – and ensure our first responders can respond faster to other emergencies.


SB 1244 The DDAC deserves a voice. Individuals with developmental disabilities deserve better representation, and the agencies that are supposed to serve them need better oversight. This bill requires the Developmental Disabilities Advisory Council to be informed of new policies planned by the Division of Developmental Disabilities and Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) before they go out for public comment.

And this is just the Start!