Nancy's Principles


Protecting the Vulnerable

All too often, the needs of the weakest among us are ignored because they are tied to lucrative special interest contracts and other power-brokers in government. Foster children who lack representation and go missing with no one invested in their recovery; the seriously mentally ill who slip through the cracks of our broken system; chronic pain patients who suffer needlessly without the medications they need due to wrongheaded policies, preborn children and women facing unexpected pregnancy. I’ve introduced dozens of bills protecting life and voted to provide mothers the resources and support they need. I’ve reformed our mental health system so that it no longer ignores the needs of the sickest individuals with SMI by heartlessly offloading them onto someone else’s budget – only to become sicker in jails, prison and on the streets. We’re slowly replacing that broken system with appropriately-directed resources and accountability.

Secure Border, Safe Neighborhoods

Arizonans desire – and rightly expect – to come home to a safe neighborhood free from crime and the presence of drugs, with law enforcement ready to answer their call if needed. Sadly, a dangerous attitude towards law enforcement is being perpetuated by the media and activists. Our open border is allowing drug trafficking to thrive unchecked. Record amounts of fentanyl are flowing into our communities and putting our kids’ futures at risk. While the majority of border policy falls on the shoulders of the federal government, the legislature has a support role to play. I voted for increased border security funding and more enforcement, established an Anti-Human Trafficking Fund, and voted for more effective tools for police to crack down on dealers. For the next session, I’ve introduced an 8-point plan with my teammate Maria Syms to do even more.

Safe Schools

When a child goes to school, they should be safe. I don’t want parents to fear as they drop their little ones off each morning. After the unspeakable tragedies we’ve seen in other states, I went to work to ensure Arizona’s students are as safe as possible. I’ve supported additional funding for 500 new School Resources Officers and increased transparency in reporting violent incidents to parents. Shining a light through reporting can allow parents, teachers, and school administrators to connect the dots and identify warning signs before a tragedy occurs. We have more work to do hardening school targets and, as a mother, grandmother, and concerned citizen, I remain committed to the safety of Arizona’s children.

Excellent Education

It’s time we get back to basics and ensure our kids have the tools they need to succeed in the future – as well as a foundational understanding of civics and our history that will allow them to lead our country. We need to ensure more of the dollars we spend on education reach our teachers and classrooms. I was proud to vote for a 20% teacher pay raise and 1 billion in new funding for public schools. But every child is unique and one-size doesn’t fit all. That’s why I was also proud to vote to extend Empowerment Scholarship Accounts to every K-12 student! Arizona is a leader in school options and has been for over 20 years. But we still have so far to go. Too many low-income families aren’t aware they even have options! We need to increase awareness so every student in Arizona can access the school setting that’s right for them. Whatever the education option, families are in the best position to make that choice.

Parents & Families

Kids thrive when their parents are involved! Rather than block parents’ voices, we need to welcome their engagement and give them tools to be involved and know what their children are learning. We can’t trust education bureaucrats to respect the role of parents, so we must use the law to insist that they do! I have been a champion for curriculum transparency, the voices of parents, and the role of families, even outside the classroom. For example, when familial caregivers started being blocked out of their loved ones’ care, I fought successfully to protect their role in policy. After loved ones were repeatedly kept away from relatives dying in hospitals during COVID-19, I fought for legislation to protect their visitation rights going forward. When families are more involved with one another, the community fabric is strong. I will continue to be a champion for parents and families!

Low Taxes, Thriving Economy

We know the recipe for a strong economy. It hasn’t changed. Low taxes and regulations, and investment in a prepared and educated workforce. When we’ve followed it, we’ve built Arizona into an economy that is the envy of much of the U.S. – and has blue state-dwellers fleeing our direction. In 2021, I joined the effort to pass one of the biggest tax cuts in Arizona history. But it’s all too easy for the left to sneak in debilitating tax increases that are cumbersome to undo. And between mandates and the overbearing hand of D.C. regulators, we have our work cut out for us to keep Arizona a state where business and families can thrive economically.

Holding Government Accountable

The bigger the government, the smaller the citizen. The government exists to protect, serve, and answer to us, the citizens. When it fails in its duty to protect, hurts the vulnerable, or oversteps its authority, I have worked hard to hold it accountable, from the agencies responsible for the care of our most vulnerable to limiting the authority of the executive branch to take control of our everyday lives and decisions. Keeping government accountable and transparent is a full time job that requires constant vigilance.