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Urgent Request

I am coming to you with urgency. As we near election day, we need all-hands-on-deck! The left is spending like

What’s this election about?

Ballots have arrived! As the election gets closer, the pressures (and the attacks!) ramp up significantly. If you haven’t seen

School Board Candidates

First, it’s Columbus Day! Don’t trust the woke media’s routine twisting of the history that paints Christopher Columbus as “offensive.”

All about the props

I’ve been getting a frequent question from constituents. How should I vote on all the propositions that will be on the

A few post-event pics!

I want to thank everyone who attended Monday’s event featuring our next Governor of Arizona, Kari Lake. The fundraiser was

Purpose & Character

Hello from the campaign trail! But first, today is Sept. 11, and we must never forget the attack on our