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From Senator Nancy Barto

Cutting through the noise

We’re days away from Primary Election Day and we must vote! The Primary is our chance to choose the best, most

Unmasking the science

Mask mandates are making a comeback in blue cities, using a new strain of the virus as justification for doing what they’ve wanted to do

Myths, confusion and the truth

As Arizona settles into the post-Roe legal landscape, I feel it is important to clear up some deliberate and regular

Battlefield Update

My Primary Picks – and victories to report! Governor Ducey signed a bill enabling every child to qualify for Arizona’s Empowerment

News from a post-Roe world!

I’m writing you from Washington D.C. after what has been an epic end-cap to an already eventful session. Roe is no

142 days

We’re 142 days from an election that will determine whether Conservative reinforcements arrive to put a check on Washington, or

At war for our kids

It’s been 577 days since the 2020 election and new evidence of fraud is still coming to light. This past