Urgent Request

I am coming to you with urgency. As we near election day, we need all-hands-on-deck! The left is spending like crazy to defeat me. You are probably seeing the signs, receiving the texts and mail, and getting the calls. I hope you’re seeing those supporting me as well. It can become overwhelming as we get near election day.

But there is so much at stake in this election, as I’ve shared throughout these emails. We need to push through and leave it all on the table.

Why? If we inform the voter and get out the vote – we win.

Here’s where I need you. I’ve found that the most powerful tool for informing voters and getting out the vote is personal conversations. At the door, over text, and over the phone. If you are willing to help us and engage in those conversations, we can plug you in! Whether you have 30 minutes or a free day, there is something you can do. Your efforts will be helping get people out to vote – critical election-winning work.

I’m interested in making phone calls
I’m interested in having text conversations
I’m interested in knocking doors

Knock with us next Saturday! We are knocking in key neighborhoods every Saturday at 8:30 am, meeting at the McCormick-Stillman Railroad Park. Bring a bottle of water and join one of our experienced knockers!

Want to talk with us about how you can be engaged? Shoot us an email and we’ll find a good way for you to get involved that fits your strengths and availability.

Finally, if finding time to volunteer is difficult for you, but you have financial resources, we can use your donation to inform more voters through a variety of avenues! You can donate securely online here.

Donate to Get out the Vote!

As you are informing family, friends, and neighbors (again, those personal conversations are so important!) direct them to compare my and my opponent’s records at NancyBarto.com/Record and DraintheMarsh.org.

Looking for election information, polling places, proposition recommendations, and the LD4 Golden Ticket? Check out my Voting Resources page. Wanting recommendations on judges? Check out these judicial retention endorsements from Arizona Free Enterprise Club.

For freedom,

Nancy Barto