School Board Candidates

First, it’s Columbus Day! Don’t trust the woke media’s routine twisting of the history that paints Christopher Columbus as “offensive.” Check out this “Truth about Columbus” to start your day!

Last week I heard good feedback about the propositions we’ll be voting on soon – but what about the school board candidates?

In the past, we’ve struggled to have conservatives step up for these roles, but those days are behind us – with parents taking up the challenge to seize back influence where it matters most and focus on academics

For Paradise Valley United school board, Arizona has three excellent conservative candidates to support—Lisa FarrEddie Jackson, and Sandra Christensen.

For Scottsdale Unified, I am backing Amy Carney and Carine Werner.

For other school districts, I recommend candidates at this informative site and the CAP Action Endorsement guide.

Each of these candidates will focus on politics-free academics and ensuring our kids learn the basics.

Be Educated…and Empowered!

Monday, October 17th from 6-7pm I’ll be joining up with Shiry Sapir’s Children’s Rescue Mission, Education Advocates for Kari Lake, and Moms for Kari Lake. This all-hands-on-deck informative event is a must and will empower you with the facts and next steps you need! We’ll be breaking down the myths and facts of these topics…

  • ESAs – what the new universal program looks like, how to apply, and how to promote awareness!
  • Transgender students in interscholastic sports – and how we protect opportunity and a level playing field for female athletes.

Curriculum Transparency – while teachers are often forced to use precious classroom time to teach radical ideas, parents and lawmakers can take action to make their school a place for their children to learn the skills they need for the future.

REGISTER for the Education Empowerment Series HERE!

Upcoming Events – even if you’re not in my district, come and invite a friend and help get me over the finish line!

Ice Cream next Sunday! Come join me at the home of my dear friends, the Tewalts, for Ice Cream and a chance to meet some of your elected officials!

Don’t miss an early evening with Congressman Andy Biggs, County Attorney Rachel Mitchell and Former Congressman John Shadegg. October 23, 5-7pm. Paradise Valley residence address provided on request. Details below! RSVP here.

Walk for the win! And as a last reminder, every Saturday we are walking as a team in communities all around our district to connect with neighbors and encourage them to vote this November. Our next walk (Saturday, October 15) will be at 8:30 am. Meet us at McCormick-Stillman Railroad Park!

Thank you for everyone who is putting in the sweat equity with us so far this season.

For the sake of the next generation, we’re going to get the job done!

For freedom,

Nancy Barto