Barto Calls out Marsh Extremism in New “Drain the Marsh” Campaign

PHOENIX, ARIZ., — The Nancy Barto for State Senate campaign just released a new site called It details for LD4 residents the extreme, out-of-touch voting record of Christine Marsh.

“Whenever we’ve tried to solve an important problem, Christine Marsh is there to block it with progressive ideology,” said Senator Nancy Barto. “We’re facing rising crime, but Christine Marsh voted against giving our police effective tools to crack down on drug dealers.”

“Students are facing historic learning losses due to COVID classroom shutdowns pushed by Marsh allies. Instead of helping,” Barto explained, “Marsh has repeatedly sided with controversial union interests and voted against expanding options to the students who have suffered most.”

“Parents want to be engaged in their children’s education. But Christine Marsh has a track record of being an obstacle to parents at every step, even trying to stop them from accessing their child’s school medical records.”

“We’re in the middle of a national conversation on abortion, but Christine Marsh has placed herself completely outside the mainstream, voting for such horrifying things as leaving an infant who survives an abortion to die without medical – or even basic comfort care.”

“Maricopa county families are struggling in the face of high costs and pricey energy bills, but Christine Marsh voted to raise their taxes and opposed tax relief three times. Enough is enough,” said Barto.

“We have big problems facing the people of LD4. Christine Marsh continues to make herself part of the problem and hurt the very people we should all be fighting to protect. She was an activist long before she ran for office and her voting record is just an extension of that activism,” said Joanna De La Cruz, Barto’s campaign spokeswoman.

“Enough is enough. When LD4 voters get a chance to see Marsh’s controversial voting record, they’ll find it in clear conflict with the carefully crafted image she’s been trying to sell.” said George Khalaf, Barto’s campaign manager.



For freedom,

Nancy Barto