The dust has settled and the winners are…

After a typically slow day and a half waiting for more results from Maricopa County, I believe we can now safely announce the winners, knowing the percentages may change slightly over the next week.

There was much to celebrate in the results, with moderate incumbents who’ve held up important legislation being defeated and the legislature becoming potentially more conservative across the state. Thank you to the many primary volunteers who made this possible.

My #LD4Strong Team. I ran unopposed and my teammate, Maria Syms, was the top vote getter for the State House! Congratulations, Maria. She worked tirelessly and will be a strong representative for our district and candidate for the November ballot. We must defeat the radical Laura Terech. The sad news of the night was for my other teammate, Vera Gebran. She didn’t quite make it across the line for seat #2. But it was a joy to know and fight alongside her. She’s an intelligent, conservative, principled woman and you aren’t seeing the last of her. Our state would have been better with Vera in the legislature. While I didn’t endorse him and we don’t always see eye to eye, Matt Gress will also be on the ballot in November and I look forward to helping him defeat Terech and advance our shared Conservative values in the legislature. There’s a lot on the line and now is the time to unify on the big issues.

While I had a (mercifully!) quiet primary, my real battle begins now. I will face Sen. Christine Marsh in the general. We have served in the Senate together and I’ve observed her extremism on countless occasions as she voted against parental rights protections, common-sense election integrity laws, life, border security, tools for law enforcement and more. Voters will have the chance to compare, record for record, and make up their minds.

There were some contentious races and patriotic conservatives fell on opposite sides in many. But now is the time to come together in unity because we face a much bigger opponent in November. Democrats have made their intentions for our state and country very clear – keep our border open, defund and disrespect law enforcement, undermine the family, champion abortion until birth, redefine man and woman, stack the Supreme Court, demonize parents, tax us to death, and control every aspect of our lives. This is politics and there are two sides. To stay “neutral” is to aid the Left with your silence.

U.S. Senate: Blake Masters vs. Mark Kelly. Masters is our nominee, and we must unite with one goal – defeating Mark Kelly and taking back the Senate.

Governor: Kari Lake vs. Katie Hobbs. Lake delivered a victory for conservatives and a blow to the status quo! I was proud to have endorsed her. I know many Republicans were pulling for Karrin Taylor Robson. I would urge you to come together for one reason: keeping Katie Hobbs out of the Governor’s office.

Secretary of State: Mark Finchem vs. Adrian Fontes (the failed former Maricopa County Recorder) in November. Our election integrity is very much at stake in this race. If it were up to Adrian Fontes, based on how he ran the Maricopa County elections, rules would be suggestions, ballots would be mailed en-masse, indiscriminately, and all steps the legislature has taken to close loopholes would be skirted.

Attorney General: Abe Hamadeh vs. Kris Mayes. She has already promised not to defend duly passed laws (like Arizona’s pro-life law) with which she disagrees. When the Left comes for laws defending life, our border, our elections, and a myriad of other Constitutional freedoms, we want Abe, not Kris, taking that case.

Treasurer: Kimberly Yee vs. Martin Quezada. I was proud to endorse Yee, a longtime friend. I’ve worked with both she and Quezada. She is a committed conservative who has proven she will manage our state’s resources conservatively, and he is an ideological progressive who can’t be trusted.

Superintendent of Public Instruction: Tom Horne vs. Kathy Hoffman. Our children hang in the balance with the election. Tom Horne will protect parental rights, keep woke agendas out of the classroom and protect and faithfully execute the ESA program, giving students and families options. Kathy Hoffman has and will push woke agendas, champion horrific curriculums, divide children from parents, and undermine the ESA program at every opportunity.

My opponent will be well funded by the Democrat machine that got her across the line last time, but I am committed to exposing her record to the people of LD 4 and sharing my own record. I need your support (financial or volunteer) to get the job done. Donate here. Sign up to volunteer here.

For freedom,

Nancy Barto