Happy Independence Day weekend – and Why it Matters!

Happy 4th of July weekend!

Hopefully I’m catching you between hot dogs, fireworks, family, and old-fashioned patriotic celebrating! In the middle of what should be cause for celebration (unlike the extreme left, whose profane hatred for America is no longer even veiled…), I want to reflect on American greatness, why it’s at risk, and why there’s hope.

193 countries have a constitution. But ours is unique, based on the belief that “all men are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights.”  It has stood the test of time and challenge after challenge. Yes, there have been times where it has been battered, undermined, and ignored. But it always comes roaring back. This session, the U.S. Supreme Court issued a slew of decisions reaffirming and taking back Constitutional ground (thank you, President Trump appointees!) and it’s heartening to see. Check this out:

  • Life WON in Dobbs v. Jackson – Roe v. Wade is overturned and now each state can act to protect life! (ICYMI, I was proud to be named by Politico (albeit with somewhat derogatory intentions) a “lawmaker shaping the future of abortion!” Check out the article here on what I and fellow legislators across the country have been up to – and what may be next!)
  • School choice and religious freedom win in Carson v. Makin! The Court ruled 6-3 against Maine’s attempt to prevent parents from using their state tuition assistance at a religious school. Huge win setting precedent that schools can’t be discriminated against for being religious and parents have the right to choose the educational setting that is best for their child.
  • NY can’t violate residents’ Second Amendment rights in NY Pistol v. BruenWhen New York passed a law requiring citizens to “demonstrate a special need” to exercise their right to concealed carry, the Court found it a violation of the Second Amendment and struck it down 6-3.
  • A coach can’t be fired for praying on the field in Kennedy v. BremertonWhen High School football coach Joseph Kennedy knelt for a peaceful prayer at the 50-yard line after a game, he had no idea the action would lead to his firing. The Court took up his case and rightly ruled (6-3) that the school violated his First Amendment rights. If one can kneel for the National Anthem, one can exercise their religious liberty by praying.
  • Constitutional limits for woke bureaucrats in West Virginia v. EPA! The EPA tried to enact suffocating regulations on the energy industry that would have required the re-engineering of the nation’s electric grid. According to the Wall Street Journal, “the rule would have effectively required coal and gas-fired generators to subsidize renewables.” The court ruled 6-3 to rein in the EPA, a win for the separation of powers and – hopefully – a stay on power hungry bureaucrats trying to legislate.
  • Arizona’s law protecting pre-born with genetic abnormalities goes into effect, in Brnovich v. Isaacson! When Roe went, Arizona’s law  banning discriminatory abortions was allowed to take effect.We have layers of protection for the most vulnerable!

*So, what’s the status of Arizona’s post-Roe abortion laws? 
Good question – and it was somewhat up in the air until this week. But after the AG pronounced that our original pre-Roe law stands, we have clarity. Abortion is no longer permitted in the state of Arizona. What an incredible day for all who love life! All that remains is for the court to lift the post-Roe injunction on the law, which should be a no-brainer since Roe is no longer in place.

Get help navigating ESAs! Since we passed ESAs for all Arizona students this session, you may be wondering how to access one for your child or grandchild. Local school choice organization Love Your School is hosting webinars to help families navigate the process.  The first of several will be on Tuesday July 5th at 12pm. Register here!

We’re winning, but we can’t let up. When our opponents don’t get their way, they have a destructive pattern of reaction. They are dead set on breaking down our foundations, undermining our Constitution, and indoctrinating our children in their orthodoxy. Or in the words of a Biden Advisor, create a “liberal world order.” The states are at the front lines, and we need your support.

For freedom,

Nancy Barto