Battlefield Update

My Primary Picks – and victories to report!

Governor Ducey signed a bill enabling every child to qualify for Arizona’s Empowerment Scholarship Accounts (ESA). It has been a long time coming, but now thousands and thousands of Arizona families will have the resources they desperately need to give their children the best education possible. I am proud that we got this bill across the governor’s table this session. Arizona’s ESA program will improve education outcomes and put parents in the driver’s seat. *However, the fight isn’t over. The anti-school choice “Save our Schools” announced their intention to refer this to the ballot. Decline to sign any petition being pushed by Save our Schools or related to the ESA program. 

Cracking down on ‘party houses’. When you buy a house, good neighbors matter! My Republican colleagues and I had a challenge before us this session—to address the damage that Airbnb party houses inflict upon a neighborhood without demolishing the short-term rental market. We reached a compromise and crafted a bill this session that had the support and Governor Ducey signed into law to end this disruptive practice and bring much-needed calm, safety – and sanity – to neighborhoods.

Some updates from the trail…
Arizona’s champions for life, family, and religious freedom, Center for Arizona Policy Actionendorsed me and the LD4Strong teamI. Arizona is leading the nation in school choice and pro-life policy in part because of CAP’s work educating voters, advocating at the legislature, and rallying Arizonans around the issues that matter most. Check out their helpful voter guide at

We need to send true conservative candidates to fight the Democrats in November. Since a lot of you have asked about my picks for the primary, here is a brief list:

What you can do:
Ready to take on voter fraud? Everyone has the opportunity to make a patriotic difference in this year’s election—volunteer to be a poll observer! For those of you who still need Poll Observer Training, Here is a link to join Maricopa County Republicans’ Arizona Election Protection Team. You can get the training you need to be an official credentialed poll observer. From there you can sign up for the poll observing shifts that work for you! Then complete these two forms—the America Pack Poll Work form and the Maricopa County Get Involved form. If you run into a problem, keep at it and/or let me know!

In case you missed it, we need YOU! We are hosting a live phone banking event for the LD4 Strong team next Tuesday from 10am to 3pm! Give us your morning, an hour, or even call from home! We need your patriotic energy and enthusiasm to win the hearts and minds of Arizona. Contact Carolyn at for more information.

Last and most importantly, I need your prayers. Our freedoms and the next generation are on the line. Without God everything we hold dear could be lost. But with Him, “all things are possible to him who believes.” (Mark 9:23). I am encouraged by the churches and individuals spending time in prayer for our schools, our freedoms, and our beloved country. There is no better time than the present to join in prayer and believe for good outcomes for this election and for future generations! Find a local Bridgebuilders International prayer session for Arizona here!

For freedom,

Nancy Barto