142 days

We’re 142 days from an election that will determine whether Conservative reinforcements arrive to put a check on Washington, or the Left is re-elected to continue destroying our country unchecked. What’s at stake?

We didn’t think the border could get worse, but it did. Customs and Border Protection just released its May numbers. 239,416 migrants were encountered at the southwest border – the highest total for a month in American history. For context, this 300% higher than encounters during President Trump’s last May in office. Just this fiscal year (since October), 50 individuals from the terror watch list have been apprehended. And note that those are just the ones we caught. President Biden does not have control of the southern border. He has handed it willingly to the cartels.

Bad news for young home buyers. The Phoenix inflation rate (10.9%) tops the U.S. average (8.5%). And this past week, it was reported that interest rates are at heights not seen since 2008. We’re daily hearing from desperate constituents who can’t afford to stay in their own homes and non-profits are stretched to the max. Meanwhile, gas prices soar and President Biden blames it first on Putin and then on American oil companies for wanting to make a profit. Congressman Andy Biggs summarizes it pretty well in this handy graph. The increases are bleeding into every area of daily life. This time calls for extra sensitivity to the needs around us.

Pregnancy Resource Centers targeted by terror groups; U.S. AG Garland silent. Radical pro-abortion groups like “Jane’s Revenge” and “Ruth Sent Us” are targeting pregnancy centers and pro-life nonprofits across the country with bombs, broken windows, and nasty threats scrawled in graffiti. Most recently, Justice Brett Kavanagh was the target of an assassination attempt and Justice Barrett’s whereabouts and those of her children have been publicly tracked. Disturbingly, President Biden is adding to the chaos by refusing to condemn the targeting of Justices and hinting that he will declare a public emergency if Roe v. Wade is overturned. Where is the rule of law?

Crime is up – and the Left is still warring against law enforcement. Even the Left-wing Arizona Republic has been forced to report that violence against police is up 30% since 2017. The officers who protect us are at greater risk than ever before, and we see the heartbreaking stories – like this one – every few days. But meanwhile, Democrat City Council member Carlos Garcia voted no on the recent and much-needed police pay raise.

The foundations are crumbling. The left – and the Biden administration in particular – insist on destroying our country’s foundations, undermining the religious freedoms of so many people of faith (like Biden’s radical LGBTQ+ Executive Order released this week. We have a federal government intent on pushing dangerous and false agendas of human biology into our schools and every area of American life. Center for Arizona Policy and Cathi Herrod provide a great breakdown on this veiled threat to parents’ rights.

Putting kids and pregnant women (yes, women!) at risk. The FDA has just approved certain COVID-19 vaccines for children as young as 6 months old – even amidst intense concerns and the lack of more research supporting their need, efficacy and safety for this patient group.  I’m hearing from troubled constituents to stop it. Unfortunately, that’s not in our purview. The best we can do at the state level is create legislation that will inhibit the COVID-19 vaccine from being a requirement for daycare, pre-K and K-12.

To keep up on the latest information on the subject, one great resource is FLCCC Alliance’s weekly webinars. This week Dr. Pierre Kory and Dr. Paul Marik were joined by FLCCC clinical advisor, Dr. James Thorp, an OB/GYN and specialist in maternal/fetal medicine with 42 years’ experience.  He cares for 6,000-7,000 high-risk patients per year – focused on Women’s Health and COVID-19.  Check out the latest Q & A here – and hear more about the threats to pregnant women here.  All this underscores the importance of STATES protecting patients’ informed consent rights – a raging battle in health care.

On a good note – More Legislative Successes! Ducey signed another one of my patient reforms this week – SB 1469 – banning warrantless searches of patient data in prescription drug databases. It’s a great win for patient privacy and for restoring individualized medical practice in Arizona! We’re the 19th state to get this done. And two more mental health bills were also signed into law, improving accountability and care for Arizona’s seriously mentally ill. SB 1392 removes red tape when patients need a higher level of care at the State Hospital and SB 1114 protects the confidentiality of individuals receiving court-ordered treatment (COT).

Our LD4 Team loved meeting voters and talking issues this week at our fundraiser in this beautiful home!


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For freedom,

Nancy Barto