The newest laws – and news to know

As we near what we all *hope is the end of session…remaining bills are ‘dribbling’ out at a snail’s pace due to lack of agreement on a budget. Important election integrity, Second Amendment, patients’ visitation rights, and education transparency bills remain to go to the floor, along with my remaining bills improving care for vulnerable individuals with mental illness and developmental disabilities.  I’m getting your e-mails about these issues – keep ‘em coming. Once the budget is agreed to, the remaining bills should move more quickly. In the meantime, some worthy bills of note that have been signed…

First up – Focus on Special Needs Students! SB 1327 establishing an alternative assessment advisory committee was signed into law on April 29. This is the important next step to helping special needs students and their parents navigate the difficulties the federal government has caused regarding states’ one-size-fits-all testing requirements.  Many thanks to special-ed teacher Daniel VanTienderen, who informed legislators of the negative impacts the situation is having on their students. Watch the compelling testimony here (starting at 02:00:54).

Next, finally long overdue limits to executive authority. SB 1009 was signed into law on May 6. This bill limits the duration of time a Governor can declare a state of emergency and outlines the authorizations, requirements, and duties relating to the Governor’s state of emergency proclamation. This legislation restricts an initial proclamation, with respect to a public health emergency, to 30 days. A state of emergency proclamation for a public health emergency is terminated automatically after 120 days, unless extended by a vote of the Legislature. Governor Ducey wouldn’t be able to make the kind of unilateral decisions he has over the past two years under this bill. It gives the people’s representatives a voice again.

Is your HOA out of control? HB 2158 secures free speech for HOA residents so they can freely assemble and communicate with one another regarding HOA board elections and other matters, and invite political candidates to come and speak to HOA issues. It was signed into law on April 13.

Now to noteworthy current developments…

Baby formula shortages. If you’ve watched the news of late – or if you are the parent or grandparent of an infant – you probably know something about empty shelves in the baby formula aisle. The incompetence of the Biden administration is now hitting the youngest and most vulnerable members of our country. Senator Kelly Townsend – a doula herself – provides some great insights into what to do – and what not to do – if you or someone you know is affected by the shortage in an insightful segment on James T. Harris – listen here.

Roe v. Wade – Sinema shows leftist colors. Many conservatives have been applauding Senator Sinema during her tenure for her more moderate positions on various issues. But buyer beware. She is no moderate when it comes to social policy – and abortion in particular. This week, Sinema and the entire Democratic Senate caucus in Washington with the exception of Senator Manchin voted to allow abortion until birth. This position is unquestionably immoral and barbaric. It also happens to be rightfully opposed by the majority of Americans. We’ve come a long way from “safe, legal, and rare.” But make no mistake. This has always been the agenda of the pro-abortion lobby. Now, they’re just saying the quiet part out loud. To distract attention from their own extremism, they’re now misleading voters by claiming pro-lifers want to make contraceptives illegal. It’s not true, but the facts have never figured into the pro-choice position.

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Finally, my teammate Vera Gebran joined my friend Seth Leibsohn on his radio show this past week! If you want to get to know her better, have a listen!

Quote Worth Re-Quoting
Government, even in its best state, is but a necessary evil; in its worst state, an intolerable one.”

– Thomas Paine

For freedom,

Nancy Barto