Important update for taxpayers!

As we wade into budget discussions and hope to bring session to a speedy close, I have some victories…but here’s the whole truth.

First off, some super great news for every taxpayer in Arizona! After leftist-special interest groups challenged our tax cuts, the Arizona Supreme Court struck down their attempt to refer it to the ballot on Thursday. It’s a huge win to see the Court uphold our tax relief

Next, a slew of great parental rights bills that passed the Senate this week!

HB2616 – No more mask mandate! This bill banning masks for minors without parental consent passed the Senate and is headed to the Governor’s desk! Kudos to Representative Chaplik.

HB2439 – About your child’s library books. Right now, parents don’t have access to what their kid’s libraries contain. It’s outrageous. This bill requires school governing boards to make library collections available to parents so they know what books their children can access – and the materials their child has borrowed. This key bill for protecting transparency for parents passed the Senate. Thank you, Rep. Pingerelli!

HB2161 – Surveys and medical records. If this bill passes, they’ll be no more barring parents from seeing their children’s medical records or giving them surveys (with personal, family-related questions!) without consent! Concerning surveys asked, “do your parents listen to you?” or “do you have guns in the house?” Rep. Kaiser’s bill passed Senate Third Read this week and is headed back to the House.

Then there’s this…. After passing the Senate along party lines, my curriculum transparency bill, SB1211, was stopped cold in the House by one Republican, Rep. Joel John. Representative Kaiser made a motion for reconsideration, so the bill will be coming back for another chance for him to change his mind and hopefully, he will.

The raw truth is – every one of the above bills could be stronger but for our weak majority. And if we get SB1211 passed, it too may be in a different form without as many transparent parental protections. Not all, but many schools are focused more on teaching our kids about their pronouns, sexual content, CRT and woke ideology, and how to be activists. In the meantime, readiness scores are abysmal. We need schools to get back to the basics-and be transparent about what their teaching to gain back parents’ trust.

We had some wins for religious freedom! HB2449 protecting a patient’s right to clergy visitation in assisted living facilities and HB2507, enshrining religion as an essential service (after the alarming infringements during COVID-19) are headed to the Governor’s desk!

Now to the border.

The CBP (Customs and Border Protection) just released the latest statistics for the month of March. More than 212,000 gave themselves up to border patrol in March alone – 14,000 of whom were unaccompanied minors.This number doesn’t count how many are NOT caught with drugs, weapons – and worse. This as the CBP announced they had stopped 23 people at the southern border on the terrorist watch list.

Wish we were doing much more, but HB 2591, led by Rep. Grantham, will help and is headed to the Governor’s desk. This important bill authorizes the border security fund monies that will put more bodies on the border. In addition, with the Biden Administration continuing to make things worse, AG Brnovich filed a temporary restraining order against Biden for revoking Title 42. Remember that the administration admitted this decision would send a flood of illegal migrants to the border!

Breath free on the plane! ICYMI, a judge ruled to void the Biden Administration’s mask mandate for public transportation. Yes – that means no more masks on airplanes. You may have seen the videos of celebrations breaking out on planes as the ruling was announced. People are ready and happy to see the mandates are being ruled unconstitutional and struck down. Now, we need state laws that shore up these rights, so they aren’t subject to the whims of judges.

Quote Worth Re-Quoting
“Liberty, when it begins to take root, is a plant of rapid growth.”
– George Washington

For freedom,

Nancy Barto