A mission spirit

Have you ever supported a local or overseas missionary? You hear their story and are moved by the challenging situation they are entering to change it for the better. Often, they are going into the heart of suffering or darkness to bring hope.

I submit that conservative legislators are on a mission to save our state.

We face an increasingly hostile federal government intent on stripping parents and patients of their rights, redefining biology, shutting down medical speech (now formalizing a ‘disinformation governance board’ under the Department of Homeland Security – what could possibly go wrong?) and controlling elections, education and every other aspect of our daily lives. State AG’s and legislatures are on constant vigil to beat back its overreach in court and through stronger state laws. In the meantime, it ignores the plight of families paying higher and higher food, housing and gas prices that were unimaginable a year ago, not to mention the fentanyl, criminals and human traffickers overwhelming our southern border – a crisis caused by the Biden administration.

And that’s just on the federal side! Human life hangs in the balance as the well-funded abortion lobby fights our efforts to protect the preborn at every turn. Families are kept from their loved ones’ care. Agencies neglect the vulnerable with no oversight. Education bureaucrats, unions and school boards try to push their dangerous sexual agenda on our kids – while they struggle to master the basics. The list goes on and so many of our bills directly address them (i.e. requiring Proof of Citizenship to voteprotecting lifeRight to Try 2.0 (one of my latest signed into law), banning mask and vaccine mandates for our children – and real education transparency through my SB 1211 – pushing forward to get this through this session).

The mission is intense – and I do see it as a mission. And in the government arena, the only ones standing between Arizona and the left’s godless utopia – or worse – are conservatives willing to be your voice.

I believe I was called to this. When I first entered public advocacy as a mom and a pro-life street counselor, it wasn’t a role that fell naturally to me. But I knew that I was being asked by God to do more and to stand in the gap. Many of my fellow legislators share similar stories.

So, my ask to you is this.

Consider supporting one candidate with a monthly generous gift during this election season – like you would any short-term missionary who has a big hill to climb to do their work. Not only does your support allow us to continue to communicate with voters and change hearts and minds, but it bolsters us in the knowledge that people are behind us as we enter the arena. Not just in word, but in deed.

If you’re looking for candidate recommendations, please reach out to me. If you’d like to support me as your short-term mission, I would be grateful.

If you yourself aren’t called into the arena, we need you to support and send those who are.

Thank you.

Quote Worth Re-Quoting
“If we are only matter, nothing matters.”
– Is Atheism Dead? by Eric Metaxas

For freedom,

Nancy Barto