Parents get the job done

Your voices make the difference.

I must start with a huge THANK YOU to all who shared their personal stories regarding hospitals refusing them reasonable visitation with their loved ones. Your stories made an impact, and that bill is moving forward. But don’t stop now.  It is critical for House Judiciary committee members to hear how important it is to you that SB 1514 restore patient visits (sign in with your RTS account to register your official support!).

Other bills protecting the public and individuals with serious mental illness are also moving forward. SB1310 is just one example. It makes no sense when Arizona’s institutions release dangerous individuals who are incompetent to stand trial for their crimes into the community only to harm the innocent again – all for lack of an appropriate facility and laws for legal detainment.  My bill – which passed the Senate this week – establishes procedures and requirements for trial, detainment, and treatment.

But the big news this week is the passage of SB1211, a victory for parent’s rightsHouse Education committee on Tuesday – then goes to the House floor!  ICYMI, the bill expands requirements for making school curriculum publicly available for parent review. Over 20 states have introduced legislation requiring K-12 materials to be posted online. It’s just common sense. The left has been pushing misinformation about the bill, so here are a couple common questions – and answers that get to the truth!

Claim: Teachers will have to post materials a year in advance.
False! Just as teachers commonly submit their lesson plans each week, this bill requires them to put materials up for review within 7 days of use (or in some limited cases for topics around race, gender, etc. 72 hours in advance).

Claim: This will place a heavy administrative burden on schools.
False! School districts like Vail have already affirmed that the bill makes compliance feasible, even with their district’s innovative curriculum. It allows schools to utilize existing internal curriculum review platforms for public disclosure – including existing internal parent postings. Prospective parents should also have the ability to see what’s being taught at a school they’re considering.

Claim: Teachers will spend hours photocopying every document
False! Only the title of each resource or video etc. is required – not photocopying each document, something many teachers already do each week when documenting their lesson plans.

We saw the power of parents make all the difference in Virginia’s 2021 election of Governor Youngkin. We’re expecting to see the same trends here in Arizona that will result in larger conservative majorities across the state in November. Parents will make the difference in our schools – and in November at the polls. Keep being loud!

Finally, a bad bill to keep an eye on… HB2101/SB1631 would empower utility monopolies rather than promote energy competition.

APS waited only one day after the Arizona Corporation Commission rejected it to implement California-style Green New Deal rules that will put an end to fossil fuels by 2050. This will result in a $6B cost shift to ratepayers! HB2101 would empower the utility monopolies by putting a stop to all future competition and ensuring that they continue to hold ratepayers captive to their expensive political agenda.

This past Tuesday, I was pleased to join a panel discussing Mental Health care and policy solutions! The panel included health care, legislative, legal, and law enforcement representation- all important voices in ensuring better care and safer communities.

Quote Worth Re-Quoting
“Those who stand for nothing fall for anything.”
– Alexander Hamilton

For freedom,

Nancy Barto