Life protected, women recognized

This week, we saw the nominee to our nation’s highest court unable (or unwilling) to define a woman or say when life begins. This same week, Arizona’s House sent two bills to the Governor’s desk built on a science-based understanding of both.

SB1164 (15-Week Abortion Ban) is another step towards ending the cruelty of abortion in the State of Arizona. It prohibits the abortion of a preborn child after 15 weeks – when the child has had a beating heart for over three months, eyelids, fingers, and the ability to kick, taste, and practice motor skills.

SB1165 (“Save Women’s Sports”) recognizes that the inherent biological differences between men and women creates unfairness on the athletic field and protects a space where women can compete safely and excel without losing hope for scholarships and medals to male athletes advantaged significantly by their biology (as this headline grabbing story illustrates so well…). Ironically, it’s women’s history month, which the Democrats in the Legislature have been highlighting daily at the Capitol, only to vote no on actually protecting them.

The media is already out in full force with lies and smears about these bills. See my full statement here. The Governor needs to hear from you as he makes a decision about signing these bills. We can’t let up now. Go here to urge Governor Ducey to sign these bills quickly.

In this week’s Senate Judiciary committee, two of my bills strengthening patient freedom were passed along party lines. Hospitals still oppose returning to common sense visitation policies. SB 1514 (right to visitation) passed 5-4 and SB 1567 (strengthening religious exemptions) passed 6-4.

SB1211 in the news!  Here’s a story about the bill that requires schools to post curriculum and lesson plans so that parents are kept in the loop on what their kids are learning. This bill will be heard Monday morning in House Appropriations at 9:30 a.m.  If lesson plans are ‘fluid,’ as opponents argue in this piece, isn’t it even more important parents have access to those resources and activities?

On elections – another huge win just passed both chambers and is headed to Governor Ducey’s desk! HB2492 does the following (helpful summary thanks to our friends at the Free Enterprise Club!) …

  • Takes Arizona back to the practice of rejecting state voter registration applications that do not include proof of citizenship.
  • Requires counties to check multiple databases for evidence of citizenship when an individual submits a federal application without proof.
  • Requires counties to reject those federal applications if they find evidence that the individual is, in fact, not a U.S. citizen.

HB2086 – No COVID-19 vaccines required to be educated. Representative Osborne’s bill enshrining the freedom to attend school without forced vaccination passed my Senate HHS Committee along party lines. This bill is vital to protect parents’ rights. I’d have liked to see it include ANY EUA vaccination…so parents never have to fight for their right again regarding mandated school vaccinations.

Good news, PC’s! Elections are back on. The PC debacle was sorted out in the Courts and we got a win from the Yavapai County Court thanks to the Arizona GOP, efforts of our legislative leadership, and the Attorney General’s office. PCs elections will be held in 2022, so go out and get your signatures!

One last reminder to urge your representatives to vote NO on SB1167. It puts the privacy of our health information at risk! It passed the Senate with only 3 Republican votes and is on an Appropriations Committee agenda Monday in the House.

Quote Worth Re-Quoting

“I think you’re the only Supreme Court nominee in history who’s been unable to answer the question: what is a woman?”

– Senator Ted Cruz to SCOTUS Nominee Ketanji Brown Jackson

For freedom,

Nancy Barto