About Nancy

Years before running for office I learned firsthand how at risk our individual freedoms are when the City of Phoenix imposed an ordinance restricting my and others’ speech & actions on a public sidewalk.  Clearly I could not stand on the sidelines, so we challenged the City’s unconstitutional law all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court – and won.

Concerns about how other state laws threaten our rights as parents to raise our children as we saw fit led us to get involved in other ways, too.  We became more active in their schools, engaged our representatives and campaigned for candidates who better reflected our values – in which government protects & defends life, liberty and property without unconstitutional interference.

Since taking office I have stood for these core values in the same way.

With your support I will continue to fight unconstitutional Federal & State overreach and intrusion – including Obamacare – promoting alternatives that preserve patients’ fundamental health care freedoms, increase competition and lower costs.  Patients and their doctors are best suited to make health care decisions – not an unaccountable central government.

Likewise, though government may play a role, the needs of the most vulnerable & needy in our state are best met by the private sector in community.

If you agree with these values, I would be honored to earn your vote.

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