About Nancy

I’m a wife, a mom and a citizen legislator.  Years before even considering running for office I learned firsthand how at risk our individual freedoms are when the City of Phoenix imposed an ordinance restricting my and others’ speech on a public sidewalk.  Sidelined by government’s unconstitutional infringement on our right to pray outside of medical facilities, I could not stay on the sidelines, so several of us challenged the City’s law all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court – and won.

Concerns about how state laws threatened our ability as parents to raise and educate our children as we wished led my husband and I to get involved in other ways, too.  We engaged with our schools and representatives and campaigned for candidates who better reflected our values – and would promote a government that protects & defends life, liberty and property without unconstitutional interference.

As your representative I have stood for these core values in the same way.

With your support I will continue to fight unconstitutional government overreach and intrusion in our families & businesses, in our education system, the 2nd amendment – and especially health care — promoting alternatives that preserve patients’ health care choices, increase competition and lower costs.  Patients and their doctors are best suited to make health care decisions – not an unaccountable government that thinks it knows better.

If you agree with these values, I would be honored to earn your vote.

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