About Nancy

Years before ever considering service in the Legislature I took on the City of Phoenix in a battle for free speech – all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court….and won.  I found out first hand just how ‘at risk’ our Constitutional freedoms are.  I also learned that one person can make a difference.

Because of our concerns about the direction of our state my husband Joe and I also became involved in our children’s schools, continued to advocate for the right to life and other family-strengthening policies at the Capitol and worked to elect people who represented our values – in which government stays true to our Constitution and allows citizens and businesses to grow and prosper without undue government interference.

Since taking office in 2006 I have stood for these core values in the same way.

With your support I will continue the fight against government overreach & intrusion – especially that of the most threatening of our liberties and our economy – Obamacare –  and promote reforms that reduce health care costs and cover pre-existing conditions while preserving patients’ fundamental health care freedoms.

Patients and their doctors are better suited to decide their health care than an unaccountable central government.  The same holds true for the needy children in state/CPS and foster care. Government obviously must play its role, but faith and other caring communities are best suited to help abused and neglected children heal and find a safe place to belong.  They must be included and empowered.

The bottom line is – if it can be found in the Yellow Pages, it is probably not something government should be doing!

If you agree that these values should be promoted in Arizona government, I would be honored to earn your vote.

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