About Nancy

I’m a wife, mom and citizen legislator.  Years before running for office I learned firsthand how at risk our first freedoms are when the City of Phoenix enacted an ordinance restricting free speech on the City’s public sidewalks.  Sidelined suddenly by the City’s action infringing on our right to pray outside of medical facilities, I simply could not STAY on the sidelines.  So we challenged the ordinance in the courts – all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court – and we won.

As our children entered school, concerns about government intruding on our rights to raise and educate our children as we wished drew us further off the sidelines.   We became informed – and tuned into how our own representatives were voting.  Then we began helping candidates who understood government’s duty: to protect our rights as parents – as well as life, liberty and property as prescribed in our Constitution.

As your representative in the Legislature I have stood for these principles in the same way.

With your support I will continue to fight unconstitutional government overreach and intrusion – in our families & businesses, in our children’s education, in the 2nd amendment – and in our health care.  As Chair of the Health and Human Services Committee in the Senate, preserving and restoring patients’ health care freedoms –  promoting options, competition and lower costs – while protecting the lives of the vulnerable – have been my main goals.

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