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Ours is a grass roots campaign.   We depend on people like you to help lead us to victory in 2014!

  • Sign Nancy’s candidate petition online  –  Click here.  (That one is DONE!  Nancy’s on the ballot – Thank you!)
  • Request a “Nancy Barto for Senate” Yard Sign please e-mail:  info@NancyBarto.com
  • I would like to vote by early ballot – Did you know Independents & those without party designation can vote in the primary in August?
  • I would like to host an event or help spread the word in my neighborhood:  Send an e-mail to:  info@NancyBarto.com

Drop me a note and let me know how you can help!

THANK YOU for taking an active role in your government.  If we don’t, someone else surely will!

It is an honor to represent you at the Arizona Capitol.