Healthcare Myths, Facts & Gimmicks

November 21, 2009 by  

Cutting Deals.      Sen. Reid added $100,000 in aid for Louisiana’s Medicaid insurance program to secure Sen. Mary Landrieu’s support and struck a deal with Oregon Sen. Ron Wyden to increase eligibility to purchase from the exchanges by a million.

Who is the AMA speaking for?          Only 17% of physicians are members of their national or state Medical Associations.  Why AARP?… Follow the Money.  With $400 billion slashed from Medicare and Medicare Advantage, one wonders – turns out more than 1/2 of its $1.1 billion budget comes from royalty revenues from Medigap insurance.  Read Oct. 27th Article:

Support/opposition in Silos.       The hospitals are unhappy with the deal because of penalties included that will punish them for readmitting patients too often.  Insurance companies are unhappy because the individual mandate to purchase insurance doesn’t penalize people enough to make it work.  Pharmaceutical companies are in support in exchange for non-competitive price guarantees.  Is anyone thinking about the patient? 

More than Taxes.         The Senate bill will not only tax medical devices (wheelchairs, etc.) but register them. 

Elective Abortions will be covered.         Shrewd move by House allows the Senate to strip pro-life amendment from final bill.  And Congressman John Shadegg knew it.  He states, “I was the only Republican member to vote “present” on the (pro-life) Stupak Amendment.  I did so because I am passionately pro-life but also passionately pro-freedom.” 

Hitting the magic $1 trillion number.         The benefits don’t kick in until 2014, but we start paying for it next year.  $2.5 trillion is real cost of healthcare legislation.

Chicago politics in action.         The Obama Administration attempted to censor Humana because it opposed their plan to cut Medicare Advantage and dared to communicate with its policy holders. 

The uninsured are filling up hospital emergency rooms.        Wrong.  The CDC in August round that the uninsured make up 17.4% of ED visits but patients with government sponsored health plans and privately insured patients make up about 42% and 40% of the volume, respectively.

States “Opting-out” of government healthcare.         If the final bill includes it, Arizonans will still be subject to the new taxes, higher insurance premiums resulting from the new insurance rules & regs, Medicare cuts, and the mandate to purchase government-approved insurance!  Not to mention the Medicaid expansion states would have to fund.

Ten years ago AHCCCS,      Arizona’s low-income healthcare program, cost $200 million. Today it is more than $1.5 billion and growing 75% faster than the rest of the state budget.


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