Bias Passes for News in front page “Analysis”

September 7, 2009 by  

I guess it’s easier to throw stones to create a dramatic story than due diligence reporting the real one – the tremendous challenge of closing a $3 billion state revenue shortfall during the nation’s worst economic recession in the last 30 years.   There’s drama enough without making stuff up.  Admittedly, Ron Gould creates some, too. 

Rather than a real analysis of the budget session, Sunday’s front page budget “analysis”  is merely a preamble to the two full page blasting of Legislative leadership in the real editorial pages.

Inflammatory words and phrases like ‘disorder was rule’, ‘dysfunction’, ‘chaos’ and ‘order broke down’ bring to mind a football game with no referee and fans storming the field.

We obviously were not watching the same game. 

Unless they took their coffee breaks during the many hours of debate, Republic reporters have as much opportunity as anybody to witness each and every budget bill debated in Committee, Rep. & Dem. Caucuses, Committees of the Whole etc, etc, etc.   Most hearings lasted several hours and allowed for public input as well.   Those must have been LONG coffee breaks.

Plus, most of the special session budget bills were nearly identical to what we voted on in June with a few changes to avoid the next veto.  

Yes – with 90 minds (plus a Governor) at work and, at times, frustrated at not finding the agreement we seek more easily, discord in the best of times is common.  But inferring legislative rules were thrown aside willy nilly is shabby reporting and only reinforces the reputation of a newspaper bent on bias and partisanship. 

Though I am not at all surprised at  stories like this masquerading as news from the Republic, the public deserves better and accurate reporting.


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