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September 7, 2009 by  

Going along with the crowd is not usually advice we recommend our children follow, but joining the ranks of “We the People”, Phoenix’s  Project 9-12 Tea Party event, is definitely different.    After all, our children need to learn that standing up for Liberty in America is worth ditching Saturday cartoons for – maybe mowing the lawn, too.

Now that Congress is back in session and seriously considering their next move on health care, Americans are gathering all across all 50 states this Saturday, September 12th, including the steps of the White House in D.C. (, to let their Congressmen and women know they are not pleased with the federal takeovers and bailouts they’ve “accomplished” this year, and oppose plans to take over health care, too.

KKNT radio (960 am), the Greater Phoenix Tea Party Patriots and AnyStreet.Org will sponsor the “We the People Tea Party” at the Arizona State Capitol from 9 am to noon.  Yours truly will speak around 10:30 on the Arizona Healthcare Freedom Act.

Here are some of the other speakers on the program:

Bill Norton – National Center for Constitutional Studies

Brad Zinn – Comedian, Magician, Orator

Jeff Greenspan – Prop. 13, Property Tax Reform

Dr. Jordan Weiner – Health Care Bill/The Pyxician Viewpoint

Lance Hurley as Patrick Henry

The Honorable Sydney Hay – Save Our Secret Ballot

James Allen – Townhall moderator; KKNT

State Treasurer Dean Martin and others!

         Location: Arizona State Capitol, Senate Lawn (bring chairs & water) 

         Time:  9 am -Noon 
               for more information on the event.

            Follow the crowd this Saturday!

                     (and bring the family!)


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