Arizona Making News

August 2, 2009 by  

The Arizona Healthcare Freedom Act is making headlines all over the U.S.!  Since FOX news and MSNBC picked up on Arizona’s actions to protect patients’ healthcare decisions, national radio hosts, newspapers and mags have been asking for interviews.  Here are the links to the FOX and MSNBC interviews:

Nancy on the FOX Morning Show:

Nancy on MSNBC’s Ed Show:

Other live interviews Nancy has had opportunity to provide on the Arizona Healthcare Freedom Act:

Glenn Beck Radio

Dr. Radio (Andrew Rubin – New York)

Joe Pags Radio Show

Wallbuilders Live (David Barton and Rick Green) 

Lars Larson Radio

The Economist

Print and many online news outlets are reporting on Arizona’s proactive legislation:

Encouraging results:  Legislators from all over the U.S. are contacting me about this groundbreaking action and plan to introduce similar bills in their states to protect their citizens.

For more information on the Act and why it is needed – go to:


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