Bucking Big Insurance

February 27, 2011 by  

There’s a battle raging at the Capitol –  over whether to support significant insurance reforms this session – expanding competitive options in the insurance market.

Here’s what is happening.  Some Legislators are holding back support of three bills that will level the playing field and provide more free market insurance solutions:

  • SB 1593 will allow insurance to be purchased across state lines
  • SB 1590 allows small employers to pool together by choice to establish health benefit plans
  • SB 1591 ensures all businesses have access to their own claims data – not just large employers

Why are they hesitating?  Because of opposition from big insurance industry lobbyists, capitalizing on fear and misinformation.  But what big insurance really fears is loss of market share.  

Much to their dismay, the bills successfully cleared the Senate Banking and Insurance Committee, the first hurdle in the process, paving the way for a full Senate vote this week. 

Congressman John Shadegg played an important role by providing testimony in committee – focusing on SB 1593, allowing Arizonans to purchase health insurance across state lines – a proposal he promoted tirelessly at the federal level and that Congressional Republicans are currently considering seriously!

This fight is clearly one the Insurance companies want to win at all costs.

You worked diligently most of last year to elect representatives who would oppose heavy-handed federal health care control and pass real reforms.   

And considering the results – our strong Republican majorities – the Arizona Legislature should  not squander the opportunity to pass them.  Your calls and e-mails to all Senate and House Legislators in support of these bills will help lawmakers stand firm against the anti-competitive actions of the powerful insurance and health care lobbies and even the chambers of commerce, whose boards are controlled by big insurance industry members.

Click on this link to contact Legislators.

Nobody  claims that expanding insurance options is a panacea, but it is certainly a critically important part of the solution.

For more: see Insurance Competition-the Policy Prescription


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