3 Ways to Let Your Voice be Heard

August 2, 2009 by  

President Obama’s approval rating has fallen toward 50% over the last month – it’s even lower than that for his handling of the economy and healthcare.  But he is still not getting the message that putting the Federal Government in charge of our health care – 18% of the economy –  is not our idea of reform.

When some bureaucrat comes between you and your healthcare – deciding who receives what health care and how much – that’s the ultimate impediment to access to health care.  We need real reforms that increase options for patients – not limit them.

Your voice matters.  Here are 3 ways to show your opposition:

1.      Make a call to the following Arizona Congressional Democrat members:

Con. Harry Mitchell :     (202) 225-2190; Tempe Office: (480) 946-2411

Con. Ann Kirkpatrick:   (202) 225-2315; Flagstaff Office: (928) 226-6914

Con. Gabrielle Giffords: (202) 225-2542; Tucson Office: (520) 881-3588

2.   Sign these online petitions opposing a government takeover of your health care.  Your voice now will remind Congress about the impact of your vote in 2010, which is not that far away.   http://www.freeourhealthcarenow.com


3.      Attend  CODE BLUE – Round 2 on August 8th:

http://www.arizonateaparty.com/  for information about these Healthcare Tea Parties all over the state. 

These are tangible ways you and your family can make a difference.


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