So that’s how they’ll fund the Governor’s Western Climate Initiative!

August 15, 2008 by  

Thanks to Corporation Commissioner Gary Pierce, who rightly questioned the ADEQ move, we now know that a $1 million of a $6 million hazardous-waste settlement with Honeywell will be diverted from the State’s General Fund to the Western Governors Association and specifically, the Western Climate Initiative effort to “develop regional strategies for addressing climate change.”

Considering the Governor’s unilateral decision to involve Arizona in the inter-state Initiative amounts to yet another overreach of Executive authority into the Legislature’s lawmaking territory, the source of its funding should be carefully monitored – and at least not diminish state general funds!

Furthermore – whatever one believes about global climate change and our role in affecting it, your voice as a citizen is greatly marginalized when one branch of government intrudes upon the authority of the other branches. Without a blink, the Executive is taking Arizona down an environmental policy path that will lead to serious economic consequences for Arizona citizens. And you didn’t have a say in it.


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