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We did it.  We won and – we won big.

Due to a tremendous grass roots awakening – Americans engaged in their government and demanded an end to the outrageous growth of government spending and control, especially in Congress –  the Arizona Legislature has a more conservative Republican majority than ever!

Both chambers now hold a supermajority –  21 Republicans to 9 Democrats in the Senate and 40-20 in the House.  This is a dramatic increase from last term when the numbers were 17-13 and 35-25 respectively.

By all accounts, all Americans sent a powerful message to Congress nationwide.  Republicans  flipped 13 Governorships from blue to red.  And according to the National Conference of State Legislatures– elected 680 new Republicans to Legislatures across the country – the most in the modern era.  To put that number in perspective: In the 1994 GOP wave, Republicans picked up 472 seats.

Check out this Fox News interactive elections results map

From Pres. Obama’s post-election press conference, however, he did not hear the message very clearly, even while admitting to an election year “shellacking”.   Let’s hope the new Congressional Republicans make sure he does or he will surely hear it by 2012. 

This Wall Street Journal piece: The GOP’s 2012 Game Plan, points out Republicans’ strategy of ” keeping the focus on Mr. Obama’s mistakes, offering him opportunities to correct them, and placing the burden on him if he won’t.  That means propelling the rollback of ObamaCare to the top of the national agenda, with repeated “proposals and votes for full repeal of health care.”  And Secondly, the ‘mega-issue’ of  “putting government on a diet.”

In Arizona it’s an opportunity we can make the most of…or squander, depending on how focused we are on achieving our main goals:

  • Balancing the budget
  • Promoting a healthy economic climate
  • Government efficiency
  • Education excellence and accountability

Our opponents will berate anything we do and the media will try and divide us over any and every decision the new Legislature makes (can you say transplants) – but we will forge ahead and do what needs to be done.   We cannot expect to win the support of those who live to sell a story.

Here are the results by the numbers and other election facts:

District 7 Senate:  Barto:  67.01% – Shelley: 32.73%; 41,849 to 20,441 out of 62,448 total votes cast.

Heather Carter and David Smith won their respective races for State Representative in District 7 by nearly a 2-1 margin, as well.    For latest numbers click on:  Official Election Results  To summarize:

All statewide races turned or remained red – Governor- Jan Brewer, Attorney General-Tom Horne, Secretary of State Ken Bennett, Superintendent of Public Instruction – John Huppenthal, Corporation Commissioners – Brenda Burns and Gary Pierce, and Mine Inspector – Joe Hart.

Both chambers of the Arizona Legislature ended the night with supermajorities – in the Senate, 21 Republicans – 9 Democrats, and in the House, 40 – 20.   Voters broke up the “Rios” dynasty by replacing Rebecca Rios in Pinal County and entrenched Yuma County Democrat, Sen. Amanda Aguirre – and came close to upending two Congressional seats in these previously believed “unwinnable” Democrat strongholds.  Now we know it can be done in 2012.

Congress – Ben Quayle held Congressman Shadegg’s seat handily in CD 3, David Schweikert retired Harry Mitchell in CD 5 and Paul Gosar sent incumbent Ann Kirkpatrick packing in CD 1.   Arizona has 5-3 Republican majority representation in Congress.

Voters passed several important propositions overwhelmingly

Prop. 106 – Health Care Freedom – a repudiation of Obamacare

Prop. 107 – Affirmative Action – prohibiting discriminatory practices in government hiring and contracting

Prop. 113 – Preserving a secret ballot

… Unfortunately, Prop. 203, Medical Marijuana passed by a slim margin, too.  The Dept. of Health is busily collecting additional guidance from the public for the law’s implementation so it doesn’t become a California-like nightmare.

For more post-election wrap-up, see CAP’s:  You Made the Difference-the Untold Story.

I may have said it in an e-mail or phone call, but the “thank yous” bear repeating here:

Thank you for your financial support.

Thank you for displaying yard signs–(you can hide them away now until 2012!) 

Thank you for helping at polling places.

Thank you for spreading the word, dropping literature, and making phone calls.

Joe and I very much appreciate all your help and encouragement throughout the campaign and your wonderful post-election e-mails, phone calls and Facebook messages.

Thank you, again, for your support and involvement in your government.  On to 2011!


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