“Protect Our Constitution”?

October 10, 2010 by  

Ballot propositions can already be confusing,  but voters sensitive to protecting our constitutional rights should be on the lookout  for a blatantly deceptive  road sign campaign capitalizing on Conservatives’ and the Tea Party’s winning message: “PROTECT OUR CONSTITUTION”

Unions and others that wholeheartedly support single-payer health care (Obamacare), union-backed “Card Check”, and discriminatory affirmative action policies are masquerading as as a taxpayer watchdog group and funded a NO campaign on measures that would actually protect individual rights if passed.

I suggest YES votes instead.  The United States Constitution prizes individual freedom and several of the proposals referred to the November ballot undergird those protections in our State Constitution, providing greater protection to Arizonans.   They include:

YES on 106– the Arizona Health Care Freedom Act -protecting your most fundamental right to decide your own health care decisions.

YES on 107 – banning government from giving preferential treatment to groups or individuals on the basis of sex, race, color, ethnicity or national origin.  Why should tax dollars be used to discriminate?

YES on 109 – establishing hunting, fishing and harvesting wildlife as constitutional rights for Arizona citizens.  It prevents any law or rule that would restrict these rights.

YES on 113 – Save Our Secret ballot.  Protecting workers  from union-backed “Card Check”.

They also oppose 301 and 302 for good measure – both of which have nothing to do with constitutional rights.  See “It’s About Priorities.”

Then there’s the mailing aimed at conservative Republicans urging NO votes on 301 and 302 because the Legislature needs to “Stop Spending and Balance Arizona’s Budget”!   They’re right, but the groups that paid for it, including the Childrens Action Alliance and the AZ School Boards Association opposed spending cuts to their programs which is where most of the money is (health, welfare and education).

We’ll need to remind these groups in January they they’re on record now for demanding cuts to their programs.   For a good blog on the subject, read Espresso Pundit .


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