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September 18, 2010 by  

Observing the “change” wrought over the past two years, we are coming to terms with the results – unprecedented deficit spending and job-killing tax hikes to keep the spending pace going, government takeovers, and lawsuits against states that dare enforce immigration laws rather than doing its job to effectively secure the border.

These concerns and others are compelling citizens to get involved and demand leaders listen and do what is right for America and Arizona.  This motivates my run for the Arizona State Senate.  

We need leaders who promote common sense ideas that people support – because they work

First – common sense action focused on job growth, education and health care.  Making Arizona’s business climate a magnet for high paying jobs and investment capital, raising the education bar through high academic expectations for an educated workforce and real health care reforms that lower costs – such as tort reform.

Second – common sense budgeting.   Although painfully necessary, balancing the state’s budget involves more than just cutting.  It means opposing over-reaching Federal mandates that hi-jack our budget, and our freedoms.   It means streamlining or eliminating government programs.  It means reducing red tape and increasing flexibility to get the most out of budgets.  It means allowing voters to re-think mandated spending. It means doing a better job connecting the community and the private sector to meet society’s needs. 

Budget reductions and downsizing are critically important, but transforming government takes energy, commitment and a willingness to learn how bureaucracies work. 

Examples of my commitment include sponsoring Prop. 106 – the Arizona Health Care Freedom Act, tort reforms reducing frivolous medical malpractice lawsuits and other health care measures that reduce costs, reversing confiscatory taxation of large lot residential property, pressing reforms that improve the foster system, toughening child prostitution laws, promoting government transparency, and providing school districts with the spending flexibility they need in tough budgetary times.

The Arizona and Phoenix Chambers and numerous other business groups endorse my service. 

The National Federation of Independent Business, Arizona’s leading small business association, writes, “Every legislator claims to be a friend of small business, but when it comes time to vote on issues vital to Main Street, mom-and-pop enterprises, Rep. Nancy Barto has been a woman of her word time and time again. We are honored to have her as an ally and thank her for her stellar 100-percent, pro-small business record in the last session of the Legislature.”

Arizona can chart a better course than the Federal government.  By abandoning out of control spending and remembering businesses flock to low tax environments with an educated workforce – we can lead the nation and be confident of the future.

Thank you for your consideration. 

This article appeared in the September 15th, 2010 edition of the Arizona Republic.


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