Adding Insult to Injury

January 12, 2009 by  

There is much to be said for smooth political transitions but Governor Napolitano’s to Governor-designate Jan Brewer is not a shining example of one.  More serious than Clinton’s staff removing all of the letter W’s from Whitehouse computer keyboards Napolitano, by not relinquishing her gubernatorial duties, continues to add to the most serious budget in state history, which she helped create. Here’s why…

Number one –  Delaying her departure.  She is steadfastly holding onto her position in every way whereas the practical and classy thing would be for her to resign and allow her successor to start resolving the state’s issues – particularly the unprecedented budget shortfall.  Although Napolitano herself won’t officially assume the Secretary of Homeland Security role until January 20th, you can bet her input is being sought on every aspect of the job at present and plans are being set in place under the new administration. Here in Arizona, however, she continues to act like she’s never leaving, further injuring the state’s future economic picture by blocking real movement on the issue until late January.

Number two – Using Executive Order authority to the detriment of fiscal sanity.  To quote incoming Speaker-elect Kirk Adams on Napolitano’s proposal this week to empower union representatives of state employees, “Unless it involves a state emergency, the governor should not be creating new policies that will not be her resonsibility to oversee.” Succincly put. But it is the understatement of the year that Napolitano’s policies have primarily led to the current budget mess through overspending in good years.  To add insult to injury, this action will most likely greatly complicate resolving our budget crisis.

Number three – Playing the special session blame game.  It is hypocritical, to say the least, to claim the Legislature refuses to address the budget in special session when Legislative leadership called for her to call one as early as June 2007!  Not recognizing the actual economic handwriting on the wall, Napolitano had other priorities – spending as usual, and delay – delay – delay until she was certain to be heading some other agency in some other place.

So much for serving the citizens of Arizona.


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