Arizona’s Own Bailout

November 26, 2008 by  

A week ago conventional wisdom had resigned the state to two more years with Napolitano as Governor, but what a difference a few days can make! Now we know that our Governor can look forward to a quick exit from the State’s present budget woes she helped create. The silver lining, of course, is Arizonans will have the kind of leadership we’ll need to deal with it in Governor-designate Jan Brewer.  With a firm Republican majority in both houses at the Legislature and a thoughtful conservative Republican on the ninth floor who likely will facilitate the reforms Republican lawmakers have consistently offered over the years, there is reason for rejoicing at the Capitol!

Secretary of State Jan Brewer would be the third consecutive female governor to serve in Arizona and the fourth woman governor is state history. If people doubt Brewer’s readiness to lead, a look at her experience should put the question to rest. Tackling the budget will be no easy task, but Brewer has faced tough choices before. Previous to her election to the Secretary’s office Brewer served as Chairman of the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors for six years, helping right the debt-ridden county towards financial stability at a time when it was swimming in debt. Prior to that Brewer served in the State Legislature for 14 years, three as Majority Whip.

As Secretary of State Jan Brewer has served the state admirably, as well, strengthening the integrity of the elections process in Arizona by insisting upon voters providing proper identification at the polls. With rampant voter fraud reports throughout the country during the past election, Arizona has benefited immeasureably by Brewer’s leadership to fully and carefully implement our voter-mandated voter ID laws. If only other states were so lucky.


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