EPA Plan to Regulate Greenhouse Gases

November 26, 2008 by  

It is no secret that if President-elect Obama were elected the EPA would be directed to implement by rule and broad interpretation of the Clean Air Act sweeping regulations on the automobile and energy producing industries in the U.S. After all, why bother to have the fight publicly in Congress when you feel you can accomplish the same thing without it? Sound familiar? For over a year now Governor Napolitano has been working the same plan in Arizona through the ADEQ in Arizona. See “Cap ‘n Trading ADEQ Authority”.

But I digress – back to Obama’s plan at hand. If implemented, the EPA plan would:

  • impose new regulations and costs economy-wide on businesses and individuals;
  • drive up gas prices, food prices, transportation costs, and the price of manufactured goods
  • disadvantage American businesses against foreign competitors.

The Wall Street Journal warned, “the [plan] has new mandates for everything with an engine” and said “central planning is too artful a term for the EPA’s nanomanagement.” Even the EPA administrator says this is a bad plan, calling the Clean Air Act ill-suited to regulate greenhouse gases. But a senior environmental advisor to the next White House Administration has given assurances it will move forward with the plan.

To learn more, visit here. ALEC’s resolution opposing the plan can be viewed here.

For 10 reasons to oppose “Cap and Trade”, click here: http://www.freedomworks.org/publications/top-10-reasons-to-oppose-cap-and-trade


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