California court ruling worth noting

August 16, 2008 by  

One never knows what to expect from the California judiciary, so when they get one right, it’s worth noting.   Today the Second District Court of Appeals in L.A.  overturned their own February decision on homeschooling.

This time they got it right. They recognized that it was not proper for them to decide whether homeschooling should be allowed in California. That would be a matter for the Legislature.

The court had expanded a case involving two children who had been abused into a ruling against “parents’ unfettered right to dictate the terms of their children’s education.” But they came to their senses following strong complaints from the families of 166,000 homeschooled children in California.

A 2003 study by the National Center on Educational Statistics reports the main reasons parents choose to homeschool are concerns over safety and drugs at their local schools, moral reasons and to provide better academic instruction.

Hopefully this type of judicial restraint will prevail more often – especially in cases where conscientious parents are doing their job.


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