Saving Our Secret Ballot

August 12, 2010 by  

The AZ Republic called it “anti-union”  and Democrats refused to argue the merits of “card check”.

Opposing workers’  rights to a secret ballot is hard to defend at best – and blatant cow-towing to the unions at worst.  But that’s exactly what all but two Democrats did.

Despite the drama and thanks to quick action by the Governor – for calling the Special Session – voters will be assured the opportunity to vote to Save Our Secret Ballot.  The timing to get it done was critical to getting it on the November ballot.

What is Card Check?

Americans for Prosperity does a good job explaining the issue.  They also rallied support from all over Arizona in light of expected union opposition.  Chambers of Commerce and NFIB (National Federation of Independent Business) testified and were very engaged, as well.  See the U.S. Chamber’s website here and how Congress’ Card Check legislation threatens American workers’ freedoms.

Are workers’ rights threatened now?

Facing tough elections in November, Congress is not likely to pass the legislation before then since the country is  rejecting their liberal agenda – but the likelihood they will push it through in a lame duck session is a distinct possibility.

Telegraphing their intent, an attempt to forbid Congress from cramming through major legislation in a lame duck failed 236-163 (Rep. Tom Price, R-GA)

Why a Special Session?

The Arizona courts ruled the ballot measure Republicans referred in the 2009 Legislative session had two subjects – violating the single-subject rule for ballot measure language.  So we moved quickly before the deadline to pass the new ballot language in time for the November ballot.

Why act now?

Look at how they pushed, pulled and wheeled and dealed to pass health care “reform”!   Arizona isn’t taking any chances.


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