New House Leadership Elected

November 10, 2008 by  

There are a lot of new faces in the State House – 14 to be exact.

Arizona State House leadership will have a new face, as well – Rep. Kirk Adam from the East Valley was elected Speaker by the 35 Republican members-elect on Thursday along with Minority Leader John McComish and House Whip Andy Tobin. Kirk replaces Speaker Jim Weiers, who has served in the Legislature for 14 years.

Kirk’s plan for rebuilding our party begins, in part, with focusing on good policy and implementing an open and inclusive budget process. It was encouraging to see enthusiastic support from all quarters of our Republican majority come together to support this talented and visionary leader at this important time for our party and I heartily supported him.

Similar to my experience, Kirk served as Chairman of the Republican Committee in his district before his appointment to the House in 2006. For more info about Kirk Adams, click here.

There are truly wonderful things to be said for outgoing Speaker Jim Weiers. He deserves many thanks for his years of tireless and faithful service in the House as Speaker. He served admirably and has been an example and a persuasive voice for conservative issues over the years. Jim’s warm personality and wit are matched only by his sincere love for our state.

One last thought: at a time when change in leadership is occuring all over the nation, it is healthy to remind ourselves that government, no matter who is in charge, cannot work miracles, especially when addressing the problems mankind causes itself by its own misbehaviour. Just and wise policies can make a profound difference, no doubt, but we are each responsible for our own individual success and happiness as we navigate an imperfect world.


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