“Doing Something” about school violence

February 19, 2018 by  

Calls to “do something” after another horrific school shooting are intensifying – as they should.  But any plan of action should actually work – otherwise, what is the point?  Lawmakers in Arizona actually are “doing something” to stop violence committed by those with untreated mental illness – one of the main contributors to so many of these attacks.

I sponsored three important mental health bills this session – 1) highlighting the system issues and 2) ensuring families can more easily identify and access appropriate next steps for their seriously affected loved one in need of help or Court-Ordered mental health treatment – BEFORE they commit violence – and 3) strengthening system oversight.   These are SCR 1019, SB 1195 and SB 1450 respectively.  You can help by supporting these efforts.

Additionally, a bill proposed this session by Sen. John Kavanagh, SB 1295, – (which passed the Senate), increases the criminal penalty from a class 6 to class 5 for intentional domestic animal cruelty or death.  Such animal abuse almost always precedes domestic or other violence against others.  The purpose of the bill is to identify and treat perpetrators of animal abuse earlier – BEFORE they commit further violence against their families or the community.  That could occur under a higher felony classification.  Misdemeanor felonies rarely result in supervised probation, but that could occur under a higher felony classification, so individuals could be appropriately monitored as they complete treatment and re-enter the community.

It IS time for lawmakers to “do something” about school violence.  Let’s stop denying untreated mental illness kills.



3 Responses to ““Doing Something” about school violence”
  1. Dan Peck says:

    Ms Barto, the time has come for common-sense gun laws. We need stronger mental health checks and background checks to work in conjunction. No person under the age of 25 should be allowed to buy a gun. No one at any age needs an AR-15 for home defense or hunting. Sometimes lawmakers need to take big steps to save lives, even if/when those closest to you may disagree. Thank you.

  2. Dean Barto says:

    Thank you for placing the priority on mental health. As a gun owner, CCW holder, member of the NRA, member of the Arizona State Pistol and Rifle Association, I as well as every other law abiding gun owner I know am really tired of the Democrats and leftists repeatedly attacking the object (the gun) and law abiding gun owners instead of the perpetrators and the mental issues the perps obviously had.

    When I was growing up in the 40’s, 50’s and early 60’s most of us guys had a gun in the car at school to go hunting after school. Access to guns was pretty much unrestricted, and I could walk into the local hardware store and buy ammo or a gun. Nobody even thought about shooting anyone else. So, what changed? Obviously society has changed for the worse. Violence is on the TV, movies and video games, whereas when I was growing up the violence on TV was in the Westerns, which we knew was mostly fiction, but it was the good guys persuing the bad guys.

    The disarming of law abiding citizens is part and parcel of the Democrats socialist agenda.

  3. Jon Fehr says:

    I believe that schools must be provided with security personnel and equipment like most other public and private institutions.

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