Early Fruit from ‘Right to Earn a Living’

November 10, 2017 by  

Right to Earn a Living protections passed last session in SB 1437 are already paying off for people wishing to practice their professions in Arizona – proving that some regulatory boards in the state do indeed put burdensome impediments between prospective licensees and Arizonans in need of the services they can provide.  

Read how Board of Behavioral Health Examiners’ arbitrary rules had required Ms. Annette Stanley to attain another 300 practice hours before granting her a reciprocal license in Arizona – even though she was a practicing licensed counselor in good standing in the state of Kansas for years – and otherwise qualified to be licensed in Arizona.

The law provides a ready remedy for citizens when licensing boards enforce rules or policies that overstep the statutory authority granted them by the Legislature – which is precisely what was happening.  Thankfully, the Board backed down when confronted with the law and plans to amend its arbitrary practices so other qualified applicants are welcomed into the workforce in Arizona.

The law is working!



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