Plastic Bags?

October 28, 2017 by  

What’s up with the Plastic Bags?  Are Legislators ‘out of touch extremists’, working for ‘shadow special interests’ and ‘engaged in a ‘reckless assault’ on local governments? Are we violating the Constitution?  So say 4 city councilpersons this week in the AZ Republic. But here’s the rest of the story….4 excerpts from Sen. John Kavanagh’s response to their claims:



2 Responses to “Plastic Bags?”
  1. Jim DiDominicus says:


    I’m a relatively new resident in your district and I’m hoping to find some way to help out. Debbie Lesko described you as “a true conservative and wonderful woman” and her opinion goes a long way with me.

    Your posts on the website are difficult to read because the text flows under the items like the “Slideshow” on the right. I was able to copy the text and paste it into another application, but most won’t do that.

    • nancy_barto says:

      Well, Thank you for wishing to get involved, Jim! Thank you for passing along Debbie Lesko’s comments to me. She and I are very closely aligned on issues and work well together. Our district 15 meetings are held on first Wednesdays of each month at a charter school (AAEC) on Union Hills Dr. just West of the 101 freeway. 3775 E. Union Hills Dr. at 6:30 p.m. I would be pleased to chat further between meetings as well if you like.
      As for the text flow on my website, maybe you could elaborate. Is it the slideshow you are finding difficulties with? All other posts are static as far as I can tell.

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