On tax reform, the 4 Amigos may be right

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On tax reform, the 4 amigos may be right! – Merry Christmas, America!

Confirmed! First Liberty Volunteer Attorney Appointed as Federal Appeals Judge – As 2017 closes, the U.S. Senate breaks an all-time record.

The Court chooses politics over common sense – more Medicaid money crowds out education & other needs .

Ariz. Supreme Court deals blow to taxpayer rights – “Classic case of taxation without authorization.” Christina Sandefur.

Four Questions about Alexander-Murray – is it “regular order”? Abortion coverage?

Arizona is Ready for Repeal and Replace – my recent editorial piece.

Would the Senate bill have threatened the ‘Safety Net’? – au contraire says conservative Grace-Marie Turner!

Morning Scoop panel spars over Medicaid – nearly 1 out of 4 Arizonans is on AHCCCS… & growing!

Obamacare mandated better Mental Health care coverage – it hasn’t happened.

The Republicaid Party? – Will GOP Governors make ACA Medicaid expansion untouchable?

Welfare reform to get able-bodied adults back to work..an economic boon – including AHCCCS work requirements ala SB 1092!

Insurers Oppose Cruz Amendment to GOP Healthcare Bill – proof the Cruz amendment is good.

AMA Asking the Wrong Question on Obamacare Revisions – primary care physician speaks out.

Bringing Senate Conservatives and Moderates Together on HC Reform – what’s in it for both.

Make Insurance Affordable Again – a doctor’s free market perspective.

Make Insurance Honest Again – how the system keeps patients in the dark & govt. on the hook.

Freedom Caucus member: There are still many options for repealing & replacing Obamacare – Thank you, Andy Biggs!

Trump on AHCA failure: “What’s going to come out of it…is a better bill”.

What’s so wrong with RyanCare – Mark Levin breaks it down.

Arizona Appeals Court Rejects Medicaid Expansion Challenge – exceptions to raising taxes without a 2/3rd’s vote.

The Doctor’s computer will see you now –  what MACRA did and its results.

Surprise Medical Bills: a growing problem requiring price transparency – not gov’t price-fixes.

Who’s NOT afraid of rising ACA premiums? – cost comparisons are stark.



2 Responses to “On tax reform, the 4 Amigos may be right”
  1. Jane Bermijo says:

    The American people want affordable healthcare, not insurance. No one should need insurance to go to the doctor for a cold. Insurance companies need to provide catastrophic healthcare insurance, for emergencies, emergencies that MIGHT require hospitalization. Not insurance for every little splinter you get in your finger!

    It all comes down to $$$ and who’s pocket it goes in. Unfortunately, it never the American citizen.

    • My proposal is to do away with healthcare insurance altogether. This could be done by disallowing insurance companies to provide healthcare coverage for Americans. Premiums should never be higher than the actual cost of medical care. In its place, there would be a temporary 5 year program to allow the people to adjust to a system without insurance companies involvement. The following information and ideas are submitted for your review and comment.
      I happen to be a 77 years old living in the State of Arizona. I have supported many of your campaigns and requests for funds. I guess that I am blessed with having little or no health issues throughout my lifetime. I fully expect to live well into the future. I am so confident about this that I would be willing to take cuts in both Medicare and Social Security. My total family income is less than $43,000 per year from all sources including Social Security. My assets are my home and car and a few dollars of savings. My wife (of 58 years) and I feel as if life has been good to us both. In my lifetime, I have only had 4 operations including Bladder Cancer.
      I feel strongly that mankind has for eons survived, quite handily, without any form of government aid, especially healthcare aid. Insurance companies should stay out of healthcare altogether. As you are aware,the insurance industry was an experiment started in the late 1930’s (early 1940’s) as a way around ”Wage & Price Controls” created by government as a way to try and control the economy.
      If the insurance companies were no longer a part of the healthcare system, then doctors, hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, and other related companies would have to appeal and deal directly with the actual consumers of health. There would be no need for restrictions on pre-existing conditions. There would be no need for children to stay on their “parents plan”. There would be no deductibles and no copayments. There would be absolutely no premiums for some company to administer complex regulations and requirements. The doctor would deal with the consumers.
      The best plan for congress to implement would be a liability gap on malpractice suits. The other plan for Congress would be for them to provide a temporary subsidy (using taxpayer dollars) for a 5 year period. The plan would be as follows:
      The US government to provide funding for a special type medical savings account for every man, woman, and child. The amount of $2,500 per man, woman, and child would be provided for a period of 5 years. Each savings account can accumulate either as an individual account or a family account. If it is set as a family account, then the combined total accumulation can be used for one or more persons in that family. During these 5 years, there would be no insurance premiums, no deductible amounts, and no copayments. This would allow the funds to be used as a start for a continuing accumulation without additional government costs. These funds would be used to build up the medical savings accounts which then can be used to pay to their doctors and service providers after they have seen the actual bills (and have bargained with this providers). This would, over time, drop the costs and improve the quality of services in a manner similar to lazer eye surgery, dental care, and cosmetic surgery services.
      As an example, if there is a family of 6, there would be a temporary grant of $15000 per year ($2500 per individual )for that family. It would be very rare for everyone in that family to have the same medical conditions at the same time. The grant money would be allowed to roll over for the entire 5 year period giving that family enough time to establish a continuing health care fund for future years by adding to their medical savings account. Remember, the “insurance” premiums not being paid for that 5 year period would help the family’s ability to acquire a significant fund for their healthcare. The family can add an additional amount to their savings account to help with extraordinary medical expenses. Persons or families with extraordinary health costs (the socalled 5%) might be helped by the state where they live. This proposal would then cover every man, woman, and child in the United States. If the family cannot manage the administration of the savings account, then the state could create a program to help them administer the account.
      As for costs. Assuming that 320 million people were granted an amount of $2,500 each, the total cost to the taxpayer over 5 years would be about $4 Trillion Dollars. This is the current annual cost of healthcare in one year.

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