Adobe Mountain – Notification Bill Signed!

May 19, 2017 by  

When the Dept. of Corrections began housing released homeless sexual offenders at the Adobe Mountain Juvenile Corrections facility in North Phoenix last summer, it didn’t take long for the  neighbors in the area to catch wind of them.  The problem was, with little or no warning before the facility had been repurposed (from a secured to an unsecured facility), there was nothing for the community to do but voice their safety concerns after the fact.  And they did!  Parents Julie Read and Ann O’Brien organized hundreds of parents and business owners in the area to stop the DOC’s actions and have them reversed.  After a time their coordinated efforts paid off.

But the community didn’t stop there.  Julie and Ann continued working with District 15 Legislators (Representatives John Allen and Heather Carter & myself) on an even larger task:  meaningful community notification legislation so that in the future, when DOC plans similar facility changes, the affected communities throughout the state would be properly noticed and their families not be placed at risk.

So when session began in January, mirror bills SB 1155 and HB 2133 were co-sponsored by the three of us, outlining how community notification ought to be provided.  After numerous committee hearings, amendments and thoughtful communication between DOC, the community and the Legislature, HB 2133 was passed and signed into law on May 19, 2017.  Huge kudos to Gov. Ducey, Ann O’Brien and Julie Read, the Dept. of Corrections and my colleagues for the achievement!

Read the Governor’s Press Release here.  Read the details in the bill.


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