‘End-of-Life’ Conscience Protections

April 3, 2017 by  

Getting to the bottom of the opposition to SB 1439 – has unwittingly revealed the obvious need for SB 1439.  Opponents weren’t against SB 1439 as much as they were opposed to the conscience protections already in law!

The bill ensures physicians who choose not to participate in a treatment intended to end the life of a patient – are not fired or discriminated against in the workplace (i.e. euthanasia or administering a death row lethal injection).  A number of myths have been spread attempting to confuse the fact that the bill adds an enforcement mechanism to current law.  Laws would be meaningless if there weren’t penalties for breaking them. What good is a speed limit if there is no penalty for exceeding it?  Yet employers may terminate these conscience objectors without any recourse.

Importantly – SB 1439 does not prevent patients from receiving their preferred end-of-life care; it simply protects health providers who exercise their legal rights.  Read my editorial, Myths, misunderstanding about end-of-life legislation – answering editorial criticisms by Robert Robb and Linda Valdez.

Thankfully, Governor Ducey understood the need for the bill and signed it into law.


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