Make Insurance Affordable Again

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Make Insurance Affordable Again – A doctor’s free market perspective

Make Insurance Honest Again – how the system keeps patients in the dark & govt. on the hook.

Freedom Caucus member: There are still many options for repealing & replacing Obamacare – Thank you, Andy Biggs!

Trump on AHCA failure: “What’s going to come out of it…is a better bill”.

What’s so wrong with RyanCare – Mark Levin breaks it down.

Arizona Appeals Court Rejects Medicaid Expansion Challenge – exceptions to raising taxes without a 2/3rd’s vote.

The Doctor’s computer will see you now –  what MACRA did and its results.

Surprise Medical Bills: a growing problem requiring price transparency – not gov’t price-fixes.

Who’s NOT afraid of rising ACA premiums? – cost comparisons are stark.

It’s Official: double-digit rate hikes for Obamacare – Arizona hits the jackpot at 116%.

Arizona’s remaining exchange insurers approved for 50-75% rate hikes – but Democrat’s have a fix – even more government!

Mylan’s EpiPen 400% price hike: brilliant marketing or lack of competition?

After Aetna’s pullout, there are zero exchange plans in Pinal County – and as predicted, companies are cutting jobs due to Obamacare and Democrats blame everyone but themselves.

Some Physicians are loving being a doctor again!– See AAPS’ Free Market Medicine video and the “Let My Doctor Practice” video here.

Arizona insurers dropping customers like flies – fewer choices, higher costs? Works for…hardly anyone.

Triggered Death Panels in 2017 Medicare Trustee Report warns – how will this roll out?

Feeling “Betrayed and a little mislead” – small businesses are now in the crosshairs of Obamacare.

Canary in the coalmine – United Healthcare pulling out of most exchanges.

In 5 Charts: How Obamacare Has Worked the Past Six Years .

$5 Billion Windfall for Insurers? – failed Co-ops squandered taxpayer-backed handouts…and sue for more.

Rationing ‘Marginally Beneficially Care’ –  the scary side of ‘best practices’.

Obamacare ruined my healthcare-now I’m just another statistic – Raise your hand if this is you.


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