Right to Earn a Living Act

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SB 1437 – Signed!  The right to earn an honest living is a fundamental right.  SB 1437 places the burden on the government rather than citizens to prove the necessity of certain rules & policies. Is this a problem? Check this out.  Learn more about the Act from The Daily Signal & the Goldwater Institute.  Governor Ducey praises “Right to Earn a Living Act” sponsored by Sen. Barto.  Read my editorial here. For additional Barto bill updates….

SB 1336 – CRNAs & Anesthesiologists find agreement!  Patients will be the ultimate beneficiaries as the liability and prescribing issues that have thwarted Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists’ practices will finally be resolved in statute.

SB 1439 – Right of Conscience protection. – Signed by the Governor!  SB 1439 protects Health care providers from discrimination at their workplace for following their consciences in providing treatments that intentionally end a person’s life, aka doctor-assisted suicide (if it ever became law in Arizona), an advanced directive or administering a death row lethal injection.  Some health care professionals have no objection to some or all of these – but some do – and honoring that is a critical part of maintaining an individual health care professional’s integrity and that of the medical profession.  Currently the Affordable Care Act protects these rights of conscience for health care workers.   Opponents wanted to water down current laws.  Read my editorial debunking the myths about the bill.

SB 1452 Let the sunshine in.  Health Boards license health professionals and also mete out discipline when there are violations.  Since 2010, there hasn’t been much for the public to see online as a law prohibited posting non-disciplinary actions.  But an ABC15 investigation revealed numerous serious actions met with less serious non-discipline and were thus not posted on the website.  SB 1452 will reverse that & reform other board practices to avoid board cronyism while protecting licensees’ due process rights.  Passed the Senate 30-0.  Passed House Health .

SB 1155 Avoiding another Adobe Mountain  fiasco.  Never again should parents and other community and business owners find out after the fact that homeless sexual and other dangerous ex-offenders are housed in what all were confident was a secure correctional facility.  SB 1155 –  AKA HB 2133 – will ensure the public has plenty of specific notice if the Dept. of Corrections plans to repurpose an existing correctional facility.  Better communication with the community – more common sense transparency by the agency.  Both bills are moving with amendments and await final floor votes.

SB1004 and SB 1440 – Mental Health bills.  SB 1004 improves the way Arizona’s Human Rights Committees function.  HRCs are legislatively created oversight committees made up of volunteers who oversee the services delivered to those with Serious Mental Illnesses and Disabilities.  They are the ‘eyes and ears’ of the Legislature. SB 1440 is an accountability bill codifying AHCCCS’ new Clinical Oversight Committee analyzing the performance of the state’s health care services.  A great first step!  Both passed the Senate & House  Health unanimously, heading to the House floor.

Psychiatric Boarding in hospitals – Update!  Patients being held for weeks (unconstitutionally) waiting to be discharged to a proper evaluating and treatment facility may soon be a thing of the past.  After a number of intense meetings, it looks like stakeholders are getting to work to solve this issue in Maricopa County without legislation.   All will be watching how these solutions play out.

SB 1325 Truth in AdvertisingSigned by the Governor!  SB 1325 makes unscrupulous lawyers advertising (often in full pages) nursing homes’ health & safety violations come clean by telling the rest of the story – like facts reflecting when the issue was cured and the date of the finding.  Passed House & Senate unanimously.






3 Responses to “Right to Earn a Living Act”
  1. Dr. Phil Barry says:

    Dear Sen. Barto:

    Re: SB1434

    A psychologist has contacted our AZPA Leg. Committee concerned that this bill covering minimum requirements for art therapists might affect a psychologist’s ability to use art for the purposes of therapy or evaluation in the practice of psychology. I wouldn’t think so, but your clarification would be appreciated. Thanks! Phil Barry


    I currently have a daughter (42 yrs old) who suffers from anxiety and depression. We have found no facilities that treat those with mental illness who are not in a drug, alcohol or pain med detox/rehab situation. I know these rehabilitation situations are important but how do the needs of those who do not have drug, alcohol, pain meds or other addictions get good treatment when everything is geared toward addictions?

  3. Holly Gieszl says:

    Senator Barto sponsored important legislation that strengthens quality of care throughout the health care system. She is a tireless advocate for patients AND providers, always seeking a fair solution and an open, transparent political process in which all voices are heard.

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