Adobe Mountain fiasco

November 7, 2016 by  

Thanks to the community’s tenacious involvement, the Department of Corrections is making the safety concessions for the re-entry center we have been pushing for – a secure corrections facility at Adobe Mountain Juvenile Detention Center.  Read the joint statement below from District 15 Representatives John Allen, Heather Carter and myself issued Friday – as well as the decision from the DOC:

Today we received the attached notice stating that the programming at the Maricopa Reentry Center will be adjusted to accept released offenders participating in the Intensive Treatment with Housing (ITH) and Sanctions programs. Effective immediately, no new offenders will be added to the Without Placement Program. Within 90 days, offenders currently in the Without Placement Program will no longer be at the MRC. In the next two to four weeks, day reporting operations for offenders at the MRC will be transitioned to another location. Please see the attached News Release for more details.
We are pleased the Department of Corrections is listening to our constituents.
We appreciate the program adjustments and look forward to working with multiple stakeholders to address the additional constituent concerns around the Public Notification, Community Corrections Reentry Programs, and State Land Trust issues.

Click here for the decision from the Department of Corrections.



2 Responses to “Adobe Mountain fiasco”
  1. Jane C Bermijo says:

    What the DOC needs to do is remove any all all adults from this JUVENILE facility PERIOD.

    This a juvenile facility to treat juvenile offenders PERIOD. To have any adult offenders is unconscionable. Who thought that would be a good idea is seriously missing a screw. What other facility has adult and juvenile offenders together?

    We are keeping our eye on them and you can tell them we are, because our greatest fear is they will move the juveniles out and we will have a full blown prison in our midst! As they said, there is room for 250 new beds!! Strange that Arizona now has such a low juvenile crime rate all of a sudden. WE WILL NOT GO AWAY!!

  2. Michelle Roth-Tamulewicz says:

    The article in Sunday’s paper titled “A Real Second Chance” was full of optimism and I sincerely hope things work out for the man highlighted in the story. Perhaps if I didn’t live a half a mile from the facility at 1-17 and Pinnacle Peak with awareness of what has transpired here, I might be supportive of the facility growing. But, as you know, the article completely left out the part about the men being allowed to wander the streets after the first 45 days of treatment…my streets, where my kids play.

    The increased foot traffic from these men and their friends/ girlfriends with the increased crime that comes with it is very concerning. I also believe the men are being set up for failure by being left to wander neighborhoods with no social services, no affordable housing and no job prospects. The land the facility currently sits on is worth a fortune, so a far more suitable facility could be built or a current building could be fixed up to accommodate your needs. If Doug Ducey and the DOC really feel the program is worth investing in, I would encourage them to think this through and plan for a successful program in a location that makes sense for the community and the inmates instead of just plunking these men down in the first empty building they find.

    Yes, we knew there was a locked juvenile facility down the street when we moved in, but this is very different. Changing the land lease to allow adults to be housed here was sneaky and then starting a program, which allows men with criminal histories and drug addiction issues to wander neighborhoods close to schools, a large city park and shopping areas where teenagers hang out just doesn’t make sense. My larger fear is that if they get rid of the juveniles, it opens up hundreds of beds for more recovering addicts and that could completely change the dynamic of our neighborhood.

    I sincerely thank you for your efforts and representation to date and respectfully request that you continue to fight on our behalf for a swift relocation of the re-entry facility.

    Thank you,

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