Left, Right or Donald Trump?

October 29, 2016 by  

It’s been a long, troubling election season – and we’re anxious to see it end.  But HOW will it end?  That depends on who shows up to vote and who sits home.For me it’s simple.  A Clinton win guarantees the harms done by the Left would continue unabated – and become entrenched for decades.   Examples? Check out the highlighted links:

Military politicized and downsized

Health care unaffordable and socialized

Courts de-Constitutionalized

Education monopolized

Religious liberty barely recognized

The Second Amendment jeopardized

Life marginalized & monetized

Terrorist nations nuclearized

Regulations & Taxes multiplied

Amnesty & Illegal Immigration threats canonized

EPA powers centralized

States neutralized

 Power & Influence scandalized

Racism energized

The left has made America weak, debt-ridden and less free.   The right isn’t reforming ITS big spending crony capitalist ways.  Then there’s Donald Trump – obviously not a typical, politically correct candidate – and not into protecting the status quo.  We can predict with certainty what Clinton will do – plus she endangers our national security & is under serious FBI investigation for her actions.

Trump vows to repeal Obamacare, appoint Supreme Court judges who will uphold the Constitution, de-fund Planned Parenthood and rebuild our military. The choice isn’t that hard, but who wins depends on who shows up on Tuesday to Vote.




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