Who’s on your ballot?

August 29, 2016 by  

Voting Republican:   it should be no surprise that I will be voting Republican for all offices where the party is indicated. That includes for President – Donald Trump, John McCain, David Schweikert, Bill Montgomery – on down the list.  I recognize the profound differences between the parties –  especially how they affect our Constitution.  Policy matters today, and for generations to come in terms of whether the Supreme Court will treat the Constitution as a political document or protect individual rights, a strong military, stopping illegal immigration, stopping federal overreach & profligate spending, defending life and the 2nd amendment and so much more.

Here are my picks for some of the non-partisan races and other issues:

Corporation Commission: Boyd Dunn, Bob Burns and Andy Tobin

Central AZ Water Conservation District:  Mike Francis, Jen Brown, Mark Lewis, Tom Galvin and Rory VanPouk

Maricopa County Community College Board:  John Heep (if he is on your ballot – If not, either Dana Saar or Moses Sanchez)

Phoenix City Council:  Chris DeRose (if he is on your ballot)

Scottsdale City Council:  Guy Phillips (only conservative in the race)

Justice of the Peace:  Cathy Riggs

School boards: Check the AZVoterGuide.com for specific district candidates.  It can be very informative or send me an e-mail and I will try to offer some guidance – NancyBarto@cox.net.

Judges:   There is a plethora of information at AZVoterGuide.com on the judges – not endorsements, but actual court cases to glean info from.  If you don’t have a lot of time to look through all of the information (as I haven’t), my general view is, with a few exceptions, vote no.  I like the idea that judges’ terms not be lifetime appointments.  I do support Susan Brnovich, Pam Gates and Judge Colleen McNally, who is doing excellent work in the Family Court.  

Props 205: Vote NO.  We don’t need more teens hooked on marijuana in Arizona. If you haven’t read your Voter Initiative Pamphlet yet (mailed to all voters), there were some compelling letters submitted worth reading and here are many other reasons to vote NO on Prop. 205.   

Prop. 206: Vote NO  The results of a minimum wage hike will cause a loss of jobs for those who need them most.  Wage hikes also put great pressure on small businesses, who do most of the hiring across Arizona.  Hugely anticompetitive for small businesses.  The big businesses can more easily adjust, but small businesses often can’t and may even go under.  Read this insightful commentary on the minimum wage by Robert Robb.

Thank you for your support –  for voting and for informing others!







2 Responses to “Who’s on your ballot?”
  1. Larry Smith says:

    I think the Republican party has for the most part, cratered. I shudder to think of what will become of this nation after four years in the clutches of either major party candidate. However I seriously don’t expect the Donald to win this.

    If only the part could have put forward someone to believe in.

    • nancy_barto says:

      We certainly need to vote. I think the media is playing the ‘inevitability’ card very well. We’ll see. Couldn’t agree more that a better candidate could have been a shoo-in, but maybe that’s not what we need. Voters have a way of speaking and there’s so much collusion and money to be made by special interests on both sides of the aisle, maybe Trump will actually be able to do some good. Let’s get out the vote.

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