Obama’s bathroom ‘guidance’ – about more than bathrooms

May 25, 2016 by  

Since the Obama administration’s latest ‘guidance’ mandating every school in America comply with new transgender bathroom and locker room, etc. policies – or risk losing federal funds – many concerned citizens have called my office, wondering what Arizona is going to do.  There is really only one right response….
Stand against such blatant federal overreach – and that is exactly what we are doing.  Why?  Read here just how far-reaching and harmful it is for America’s kids. 
Which is why the State of Arizona is joining a lawsuit with 10 other states in hopes that the states and individual districts can lawfully decide these issues.  Here is the official announcement.  This Federal ‘guidance’ is yet another example of their disrespect for Constitutional lawmaking bodies’ authority – and unlawfully changing law through other means:  Executive Order, activist courts or bureaucratic rulemaking.  How do we stop it? Be informed – read what the American College of Pediatricians says about child transgenderism.  And, no matter what – vote this year. You can also Sign the petition to protect common sense bathroom policies.



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