“The BIGGER The Government, the smaller the citizen”

April 22, 2016 by  

Oft repeated by radio talk host Dennis Prager, the phrase describes well where we are today in America  

We’ve lost our way.  The limited government our founders and early Americans envisioned is nothing like what we see today where Washington wields unquenchable control over our lives – usually in the name of the public’s welfare or safety.  Its redistributionist ways not only crowd out spending for government’s fundamental purposes, like defense, education and infrastructure, but stifle Americans’ freedoms and ability to innovate.  

From Obamacare to the IRS, the EPA and everything in between, we’re too busy complying with its regulations and mandates.   

Our politically-motivated courts haven’t helped, either.Needless to say, we need to change Washington, but citizens are strangled by too much unaccountable government at the state & local levels, too. That is why these bills matter along with other Legislative actions.  And why caring who gets elected in Arizona matters, too. 

Individually, will each piece of legislation I sponsor save our Republic? No, but with God’s help and recommitment to the PRINCIPLES of freedom they entail will help us reverse course, restore the stature of the citizen – and shrink the hand of government in our lives. 



One Response to ““The BIGGER The Government, the smaller the citizen””
  1. Peary Brown says:

    Supporting the statement of over sized government claim reducing the size of the citizen, one only has to look at the Arizona State Board of Nursing to solidify this statement. Many states have successfully reduced regulatory agencies which has not only reduced costs but given more control to the professional in the field. Has the massive Nurse Practice Act of Arizona helped stem the tide of the now well known fact, ‘The third Leading Cause of Death’ is our own health care system? It has brought only more cases of ridiculous complaints filed often for retaliatory and distraction reasons. The Arizona Board of Nursing is a Nightmare of bureaucracy causing harm in places that only real nurses know about.

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