Arizona’s Financial Crisis – Calling on Leadership

October 1, 2008 by  

You can’t save money that’s already spent…

Which is why the Arizona State Legislature should be called into Special Session this week. Since passing the bloated 2009 Napolitano budget in June, committing the state to $2 Billion in new debt to begin with and putting off spending obligations using an assortment of gimmicks and rollovers in order to pass as “technically” balanced, incoming revenues are already $230 million below projections since July.

What does this mean for Arizona? It means we need to re-think the state’s spending plans now so as many resources as possible are available for the critical needs of the state next year.

Is this action imminent? No. Despite calls and letters from Legislative leaders in the House and Senate, the Governor doesn’t plan to meet to discuss the situation until after the election. That’s in November. And any proposed action won’t begin until later than that at the earliest.

Congress is working overtime in Washington to avert a financial meltdown. Where is the leadership to avert our crisis in Arizona?

House Speaker Jim Weiers has called House members, incumbants and candidates alike, together on Wednesday to review the most current financial information on the state of the state budget and what our options are. The only person missing in the discussion is the Governor and her authority to act. We should begin the work of saving dollars today so funds will be available for the state’s critical needs in 2009.

Spending as usual shows a stubborn unwillingness to admit there is even a problem and diminishes real options to address it.


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