Women should not be lied to

June 24, 2015 by  

Unfortunately, Planned Parenthood is suing to be able to continue to do just that.

You see, SB 1318 was signed into law this session.  The bill’s purpose is to ensure women seeking abortion are informed that it may be possible to reverse a medication abortion (aka Abortion Pill or RU-486), but that time is of the essence.  Planned Parenthood advocates opposed the bill, and now are suing.

This is just the latest in a series of lawsuits pro-abortion advocates have initiated when the expectation is for them to fully inform women.  Fortunately, of 34 measures designed to fully inform and protect women and their unborn children, 31 have been upheld by the courts and are in force today.  Only 3 are not.

So where does Planned Parenthood lying come in?  Here’s what happened… 

Legislators learned earlier this year that a young woman who had gone to a Glendale Planned Parenthood for a medication abortion regretted her decision after taking the first of two doses of The Pill.   She called the clinic in desperation, asking if there was any way to stop the abortion so she could save her baby.  According to testimony in committee on the bill, she was told she had to complete the abortion or she could suffer complications and even infection.

Undaunted, she ‘googled’ the words, Abortion Pill Reversal, where she was put in touch with Dr. Allan Sawyer, a valley OB-GYN – and contacted is office.  Dr. Sawyer treated the woman and she is now a happily pregnant woman, expecting her child.  See Dr. Sawyer’s testimony.

In fact, there are 106 healthy babies born due to the Abortion Pill Reversal protocol.  And 82 ongoing healthy pregnancies, as well. [UPDATE: as of October, this couple’s newborn is the 122nd saved due to the Abortion Pill Reversal protocol]

The question is, if Planned Parenthood is all about protecting women’s choice, why the fight to keep such common sense information from women begging for a second chance to choose life for her child?

One State Senator tries to defend her vote against SB 1318 here on Politics Unplugged, when she and I debated the merits of the bill.

Is there any defense for withholding life-saving information from women?



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