Focus on Children & Internet Sex Crimes

April 20, 2015 by  

HB 2517   Rescuing children from internet sex crimes –  There are 15,000 known active internet addresses identified in Arizona – but not nearly enough investigators to track down & save these child victims.  There are only 4 fulltime investigators working these horrific torture, rape and molestation cases – the same number since the Internet Crimes Against Children (ICAC) Task Force was formed in 2001!  HB 2517 allocates $900,000 a year in lottery revenue to the Internet Crimes Against Children Enforcement Fund, and $100,000 to the Victims’ Rights Enforcement Fund.  What is the scope of these crimes?  Watch the compelling committee testimony.  View Rep. Paul Boyer’s piece here.

HB 2519   Parent moves and the best interest of kids – After numerous attempts to pass legislation curbing devastating abuse of current (post divorce) relocation statutes, HB 2519 made significant headway protecting both parents and the child.  Although in the end the 100 mile rule was restored, the most important part of the bill was left intact – that relocation issues are to be written into final orders rather than post decree orders.  Also supervised parenting time can no longer be used against the non-moving party with no penalty.

HB 2024   Child Safety Oversight Committee – Some legislatively created committees may be of little use – especially over time, but the CSOC was instituted at a time when CPS (now the Dept. of Child Safety) was – and continues to be – desperately in need of accountability and oversight.   HB 2024 continues the CSOC for another two years.

HB 2047   Supervisor review & approval a must before child removal – Considering the numbers of children in state care, frankly we’re wondering if children are removed from the home too often and without supporting legal cause.  HB 2047 specifies that DCS may not remove a child from the custody of the child’s parent, guardian or custodian unless the child safety worker submits the reasons for removal and supporting documentation to their supervisor and supervisor approves the removal.

HB 2098   Dept. of Child Safety changes, including confidential information – Protecting victims’ personal information is important, but extremes can be an excuse for needed agency transparency.  HB 2098 allows for more transparent information sharing related to foster parents & an Auditor General audit team.

HB 2166   DCS information in egregious abuse and neglect cases – HB 2166 balances the public’s right to information regarding DCS cases with a victim’s right to privacy while protecting the integrity of criminal prosecutions.

HB 2571  DCS information sharing for Legislator discussion – HB 2571 allows legislators to discuss a DCS case with one another if all have signed a case confidentiality form.  Unbelievably, this was not previously allowed.

HB 2640  Is the Household safe for the child? –  Too often we see headlines like this: “Child abused/killed by mother’s live-in boyfriend”.  HB 2640 requires a DCS investigator, prior to returning a child, to conduct a criminal background check on all members of the household to which the child will be returned, including any person who has a dating or intimate relationship with a member of the household.




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