Pushing back regulations – intentionally

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We’re Movin’ Up!  The respected Rich States Poor States report recently ranked Arizona #5 for economic outlook.  Here’s how the Legislature pushed regulations back this session:

SB 1241   Stopping excessive government regulation it’s about more than plastic bags.  Some localities are contemplating – and some have already implemented – ordinances that mandate energy usage reporting and dictate which containers and bags are acceptable.  SB 1241 reins in intrusive jurisdictional mandates before they become major job-killers in Arizona.  While responsible energy use is obviously a worthy goal, mandatory energy reporting in the name of energy consumption benchmarking is problematic on many levels and unnecessary as businesses are already highly incentivized to reduce their energy costs and do not need additional regulations.  Piecemeal mandates are not only labor intensive, but difficult to comply with. Read the Arizona Chamber’s informative piece on SB 1241 – Overregulation: Local Edition.

HB 2603   Tort Reform – Ending Asbestos Litigation “Double Dipping”.   This measure increases necessary transparency in Arizona’s legal system ensuring that, while victims are still entitled to compensation, the tort process is fair for all parties involved, and double dipping recovery is curtailed.  Read more about the issue here.

HB 2645  Laboratory Testing Without Order –  will bring competition & patient access to market.  The lab industry will never be the same thanks to some serious free market interventions in Arizona:  Less regulation a-la HB 2645, which was just signed into law by Governor Ducey, and an innovative company named Theranos which offers patients more value for less cost and less blood.  If you haven’t heard of Theranos’ Founder & CEO Elizabeth Holmes, you soon will!  Many Arizonans are already benefiting from the Theranos/Walgreens partnership at 40 locations across the state – the Grand Opening of which was at 64th St. and Greenway Rd. in 2013.

SB 1267  Sno-Cone Bill – Returning control and fundraising opportunities to Local Schools.  There has been a growing financial problem in the Arizona schools since July 1, 2014 when the Healthy Hunger -Free Kids Act of 2010 was enacted by the Obama administration.  Arizona teachers and students not only indicate that the federally subsidized lunch programs and authorized snacks do not have enough calories, but it costs school districts more money because they must contain whole-grains and low sodium (as in pasta and cheese dishes) so manufacturers have to reformulate all their recipes and these costs are passed onto the school districts.  Though the intention was to help kids fight obesity, it is actually harming them.  Why?  Kids aren’t getting enough nutrition because they’re not eating them.  Another detriment is the Smart Snack Standards which have dramatically impacted extracurricular fundraising as the snacks kids actually like are prohibited.  SB 1267 enables allowable exemptions so snack fundraising may continue to fund science camps, sheet music, athletic participation and other needs for students in Arizona. Here are the exemptions schools/states can use.  With SB 1267 – Arizona schools will have all 30 exemptions.

HB 2538 Truth in Taxation – Increased transparency.  Expands current Truth in Taxation policies to special taxing districts countywide – specifically library districts, flood control, public health services and jail districts – so that when they want to increase our property taxes – taxpayers will know it!  These go into effect in 2017.

HB 2613  Getting a handle on taxpayer-funded political activity.  It’s already illegal for local governments, including public schools, to use public resources to electioneer for or against a tax question on the ballot.  HB 2613 clarifies this language for jurisdictions to follow so their allowable informational advertising won’t be considered electioneering or a misuse of taxpayer funding.

HB 2568  Phasing down the tax burden for Arizona insurers from 2% to 1.7% over the next decade finally became a reality this session.  Read how the change to Arizona’s insurance tax premiums makes for a more equitable and competitive tax environment.

SB 1030  Taking the squeeze off Microbreweries  The craft beer business is booming, but the archaic 3-tier government regulations are punishing their success and threatening job layoffs.  SB 1030 allows alcohol producers greater ability to sell directly to retailers and consumers, providing consumers greater choice.  Read the details here.

HB 2135   Ride Sharing Networks to Share Arizona Roads Legally – HB 2135 establishes regulations for ride-sharing networks such as Uber and Lyft, including requiring them to carry insurance, conduct criminal background checks on drivers and inspect vehicles.

It’s no secret that excessive regulations stifle business growth.  That’s why Arizona is intentionally removing them wherever possible.






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